How to Use Headset Mic on PC with One Jack

In today’s world mostly teenagers, gamers or audiophiles; those people who loves to listen music, prefer wireless Bluetooth headphones over those wired headphones. Some headphones which have good sound quality doesn’t come up with mic.

Mic is an important component for those people who love to play online games as, in online gaming community mic is an essential hardware. Now, most of the new computers and laptops come up with single jack for microphone and earphones or wired headphones. 

Laptops and cell phones mostly have one port as with the combination of both audio and mic with 3.5 mm port. Whereas some desktop systems have two different ports for headset and microphone, as if you want to use mic you have to plug your headphone in mic port or if you want to listen to audio you have to plug it in the audio port. 

Here are some solutions to solve this problem;

  • Buy Bluetooth Headphones.
  • Own a Y-Adapter.

Bluetooth Headphones, in this era people are more interested in to buy Bluetooth headphones, as it solves the problem of attaching your wired headphone with different jacks for different specific functions. But mostly Bluetooth headphones are made for phones, as they give better sound quality for mobile phones or laptops.

You can also attach your Bluetooth headphones with your desktop system with a wire when its battery running down. Anyhow if you are not in mood of buying an expensive good quality new Bluetooth headphone you don’t have to worry! Just jump to the other solution.

Y-Adapter, so if your personal computer is not offering you a combined port for audio and microphone, all you need to do is just to buy a cheap in price Y-Adapter. This Y-adapter helps you to split-up the signals in two, as you can attach your headphones with it and it will combine the audio drivers to your headphones. 

Popularity Behind One Jack

The reasons behind using one jack can be various as now a days young generation is in love with online gaming, as while playing no one has the time to communicate through typing from keyboard

 So, most of the computers do not have much better microphones as if you use it, it will mostly deliver the secondary audio like your room’s fan or your PC’s and console cooling fan

Wired headphones along with the microphone are definitely be the best choice for a gamer person. They have the best quality to balance between the high end gaming pc sound and your audio. 

Wired headphones with one jack deliver better sound quality than those headphones with microphone connected with two jacks. As now the era focuses on the slimmer size whether for a laptop or a phone, so maintaining the slimness mostly laptops now come up with single ports.

Type of Headphone Jacks

  • Single Jack, the most famous jack among the community is 5mm audio jack as it can be found in almost every device for example; mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPods, DVD players etc. It considered as more reliable.
  • Double Jack, consists of two jacks which will work differently for either to send audio signals or receiving audio signals. As one jack is for audio and the other jack is for mic.  

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