How to Get Big Mouth on Snapchat

Snapchat is a social platform which is used for its ephemeral feature, in which the video or picture will disappear after you have seen it once. If you are thinking that snapchat is for teenagers you are definitely not the one who is thinking like that, it can be use by people of any age to share their memories, daily life routines. 

Every application comes up with is own language which you need to understand. Snapchat is a combination of two words, snap and chat; snap is referred as to a picture which stays for 10 seconds and along with sending snaps you can chat with your loved ones.

There is another property of snapchat that you can start your streak with your friends if you both sends snaps or short videos on daily basis within 24 hours. People mostly use snapchat for clicking pictures as it comes up with exciting different filters. 

Snapchat Lens

This feature of lens in snapchat is something which makes it so addictive. You can use different filters, lens and stickers to customized your snaps or videos. Snapchat can transform you from a boy to a pretty girl, or from girl to a boy. This app has numerous filters all you need to do is to get the know-how of how to command those lenses. Lenses can be explained as those augmented reality masks that comes over the user’s face with different details like dog face, cat ears, crowns etc. 

How to Get Big Mouth on Snap Chat

As snap chat is among the most popular apps due to its filters feature, for an instant sharing technology and for its ephemeral feature. Through all these you can create a masterpiece or the award worthy picture to share with your loved ones and followers. 

The “Big Mouth” filter is definitely one of the finniest filters in snapchat as it is as same as it sounds, by applying this filter on your face the part of your mouth become extra-large. 

With this big mouth filter your lips and teeth will become humongous and with comparison to this your nose will become tiny, certainly this is not EXAGERETION! If you want to try it just follow the instructions given below;

  • Open the snapchat app and then press longer on the screen of your phone, after a while snapchat lenses will activate and swipe to find this filter.
  • If this filter is not present in the in the bar at the bottom then at the end of the screen there is a smiley on which browse is written, click on that and then search for this filter by its name.
  • Afterwards, here is another trick if you don’t want to struggle much then the updated snapchat now has the option of scanning, just scan the code of any filter and add it in to your favorite filters.

Working of Snapchat Filters

Here you will find a quick review over the ins and outs of snapchat filters. Once you take the picture of a beautiful place then you want to mention the location all you need to do is just swipe to left to add location filter.

Other than if you want to change your appearance through adding some amazing filters such as dog face, cat ears or flower crowns all you have to do is just press on the screen for long time then swipe the filters which are at the bottom of your phone screen, THERE YOU GO! 

Filters are arranged beneath there according to there demand, as if they are commonly used, most used or least in usage. You can get millions of filters in snapchat as you can do face swapping with your beloved people. 

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