Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Gaming monitor can be a blessing for a gamer on the other hand getting a flawless monitor with an impressive refresh rate, high color accuracy and good response time is not less than that all the prayers which are panel-based come true. Here comes a blessing for the gamers in the form of Eve’s Spectrum Gaming Monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. 

Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review

Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz Gaming monitor has created a lot of bustle in gaming community when it came in to the market. This gaming monitor has arrived with a lot of high aims and good skills which has created pretty much hype among the gamers. As this model has promised us to give the highest resolutions up to 4K and highest refresh rate up to 240 Hz at friendly-budget. 

So many people’s eyes were stuck on this model the second after the unveiling has done for this monitor in January 2020. There are definitely a ton of reasons behind why people are anxiously waiting for this model; such as it is promising us the best and worthy specs on such a reasonable rate. 

But here is some tea, Eve company has not a good history or can say a messy history of not fulfilling the orders of there other tech products. So due to this drama most of the people were remain skeptical over the manufacture and designing of this new invented model by the company. 

Specifications of Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz 

Brand:                 Eve                                                           Refresh Rate: 48Hz-144Hz

Model:                   Spectrum 4K 144Hz                              Static Contrast: 1000:1

Display Size:         27-inches

Dimensions:        27 x 23.5 x 13.2

Panel Type:           IPS Panel

Resolution:           3840 x 2160 pixels

Backlight:              W-LED

Brightness:            650 cd/m

Features of Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz 

Eve can be a “Daemon” in gaming community, as this company invented this monitor on the demands or requests done by the gamers also the specifications and features of this model are based on the surveys done by the developers. They discussed the innovations with their almost over four thousand potential buyers in which some are gamers, coders and professionals. 

If they only listened to gamers than this monitor will specifically be limited for the gamers but it is also for the creative use as this monitor has a good color reproduction and sharper picture quality which can serve the creative world. Definitely these types of monitors don’t come every day which pleases every community. 

Here are detailed features of Eve Spectrum 4K 144Hz;

Monitor Design:

Eve Spectrum invented a design which is suitable for every environment as being a gaming monitor it doesn’t mean that it may look odd in a professional place. The framework of this monitor is made-up with plastic and has an elegant finish which provides a premium feel. The bezels are surprisingly thin but though the bezel at bottom is slightly thick. 

Not putting any logo in front of the monitor is quite smart act done by Eve, just to eliminate any kind of distractions. At the back of the monitor, you will able to see that small branding logo of Eve on the bottom left. There is a tactile power button and a four-way navigation joystick to cycle through the OSD and there are no such in-built speakers just a headphone jack. 

Stand Design:

The stand is made up with metal and is pretty well-built, also its quite heavy specially from the base. Some may get mistaken by the size of the stand that would this stand be able to handle such a great and large screen on its top without making it fall apart. But the stand has a good stability as the stand allows the user to adjust the height of the monitor according to their own wish. 

The user can also rotate the screen at on a full 360° angle smoothly, as the stand helps the monitor to stay in place without being clumsy. The stand can be considered as optional but this stand is flawless in performance as this thing is handling a 10.36-pound screen on it. 


As in this monitor you will be able to see a lot of ports there as it can be counted as an advantage of crowd-sourced product. On the back of this monitor you will be able to see two HDMI 2.1 ports along with a Display Port 1.4, a single USB 3.1 upstream port, DC port and a USB-C port for the connection of computer. For laptop charging there is a delivery of 100W power, USB-C port supports DP1.4 Alt Mode and 10Gbps data transfer speeds. 

Side mounted ports there are two USB 3.1 Gen2 ports and another USB-C port along with 10Gbps speeds and 15W power deliver which is good for charging smart phones or other small devices. On paper, there are three USB Type-A 3.1 Gen2 ports whereas there are only two. 


The Eve Spectrum 4K gaming monitor delivers a good quality picture as being 27 inches monitor the colors and contrasts are pretty well as promised. Due to the IPS panel produced by LG the display from different angles still looks excellent with great color reproduction as you can easily read black text on the white screen. According to Eve, the Spectrum covers up 98% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB, but some users claim that it is not that much true. 

Performance of this monitor in bright rooms is remarkable but for media consumption or content creation Spectrum doesn’t fulfil the expectations. But now let’s talk about gaming, as being a gaming monitor for RTX 3070 Ti 4K and 144Hz refresh rate definitely gives you the finest gaming without disappointments. 


Much can be delivered by Eve as this model is pretty well but there is a lot more that needs to be added i.e., HDMI 2.1 is the main interest for some users who are buying Spectrum but unfortunately Spectrum is not supporting HDMI 2.1. Anyhow the color production and the sharp crisp around the pictures is definitely the best thing ever in a 27-inches display. Also, it’s sleek designing gives the aesthetics to the workplace but after all this the Spectrum doesn’t meet our expectations like it is promised to do so. In a long blog post Eve said that they are working on all the features to work so the best now we can do is that just WAIT!

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