Best Tablet For Video Editing (Android, iPad, Cheap, 4K, Budget)

Are you a blogger or you want to start your career on social media, or if you want to start your own film production house? Then you must know the basics about video editing and about the specifications of the device that is compatible with video editing software.  Do you want to buy a new tablet for video editing purposes? If your answer is yes then this article will help you to choose the best tablet for video editing. Below are some recommendations for you to buy the best tablet for video editing.

Video editing is a procedure that is done after production to alter or sort of clips and add some special effects or sound recording. For video editing purposes the user needs a tablet, laptop or desktop with a large display screen, good capacity of storage and a fast RAM so the video editing software can be run quietly in it. 

A 12-inch large-screen tablet is good for editing because you can see more clearly on a big screen. Your device should be compatible with editing software, minimum 4GB RAM is suggested. 

A touch screen tablet with a pen is better because that will make you able to mark  the smallest area in the video clip that you can’t do with a mouse perfectly. The capacity of storage should be a minimum of 32 GB as if you edit video in 4k or 6k they need a lot of storage for saving.

This buying guide is for you to know about the features that should be in your device to do video editing in a better way. Don’t forget to read the buying guide given below to get more basic know-how about the product. 

List of Top Rated Best Tablet For Video Editing

  1. Apple MHNH3LL/A iPad Pro
  2. Samsung Galaxy ‎SM-T970NZKEXAR Tab
  3. Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet
  4. Microsoft ‎MHN-00001 Surface Go
  5. ASUS C433TA-AS384T Chromebook Laptop
  6. Apple iPad Mini ‎MUQX2LL/A

1- Apple MHNH3LL/A iPad Pro

Apple MHNH3LLA iPad Pro

Are you bored by using the android operating system? Then you can switch to Apple’s operating system iOS. Apple is a multinational company, one of the most popular brands among the people for electronics, computer software and online services. They always introduce new products with innovative change. That is why each new ipad is an incremental improvement on the one before it. They launched the 2021 Apple iPad Pro that is a step forward for iPads. 

In the iPad pro Apple built a high-end laptop processor but with the mini LED-lit display that makes it more attractive. If  the user ever wished to fit an OLED and QLED TV in your backpack, iPad pro 12.9 can fulfill this desire. The dimensions of this iPad are 28 x 21 x 0.6cm. They used a new breakthrough backlighting technology, XDR mini LED for a 12.9 inch display that creates a difference between brightness and contrast of the colors. 

Apple makes the iPad Pro productive and creative by the use of the M1 chip as the same chip they use in MacBooks this chip takes its performance to the next level. They increase CPU performance 50% and GPU speed up by 40% as compared to previous iPad’s models. 

As this tablet can be used for creativity such as; writing and sketching for this purpose they give Apple Pencil which wireless charge when magnetically connected to the edge of the tablet. 

This tablet also supports a magic keyboard, bluetooth keyboard or smart keyboard that turns it into a slick laptop.

The battery life of this tablet is amazing, that stands all day. It can be connected super fastly by wires or wireless. It has the latest technology of cellular models 5G that provides the fastest speed. The user can also stay connected with ultrafast  wi-fi. 

For the security purpose users can lock the tablet through face ID and apple pay. For better quality of sound the iPad Pro has four speakers and five studio-quality microphones.  

2- Samsung Galaxy ‎SM-T970NZKEXAR Tab

Samsung Galaxy ‎SM-T970NZKEXAR Tab

If you want a tablet with a desktop view then the Samsung Tab 7+ is a good choice. Samsung always facilitates its customers by producing great products, recently they launched the Galaxy S7+ tablet that is one of the best capable productive tablets in the world of technology. This tablet has a performance powerhouse so it can handle multi tasks easily. 

The user of Tab S7+ can enjoy both tablet and desktop experience. The tablet extended like a smartphone UI by the use of feature UI 2.5. It can also be converted into DeX mode then it will look like a computer system and will perform tasks like a desktop such as; multiple apps, windows and whatnot. 

The front of the tab is made with glass and the back with aluminum and a frame. The dimensions are 285 x 185 x 5.7mm, and weight is 575g. It is available in mystic, bronze, mystic black and mystic silver colors. The Tab comes with a 12.4 inch super AMOLED display and the resolution is 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA) TFT.

The tablet also supports an always on display feature and the Tab’s refresh rate is 120Hz. To secure the tablet the built fingerprint under the display screen.

The Tab S7+ has a S-Pen that helps the user to do sketching and handwriting easily. Presentations were not so easy before but Samsung made it with the Air Actions and wireless DeX support. \

3- Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet

Introducing Fire HD 10 Plus tablet

Can I get great performance without investing much money? This question is frequently searched. I answered them, theFire HD tablet amazon made for you. Amazon is famous for producing good products at reasonable prices. They  introduced the Fire HD 10 plus tablet that is good enough for reading and watching movies or TV. The user can get the fastest performance as samsung’s tablets or iPads without investing much money. It is available in small, medium and large sizes. 

The screen is good with soft touch finish as it offers fairly sharp, good viewing angles and bright enough indoors. It is thinner and lighter than the old generation so it fits in hand easily. Two top mounted speakers use it for watching videos, listening to music or getting answers from Alexa voice assistant. 

The dimensions are 247 x 166 x 9.2 mm and its weight is 468g. Its operating system is Fire OS 7 based on Android 9 and the processor is 2GHz octa-core. For the fastest performance they use 4GB RAM that is 2x more than previous generation and the storage is 32 or 64GB. There is also a slot available for a microSD card.

On the top of the screen a 2 megaPixel webcam for video calling and 5 megapixels rear camera. There is connectivity available for wifi 5, bluetooth 5, 3.5 headphones, USB-C and Qi wireless charging. 

The battery life is too good, and can stand by a couple of days and 10 hours streaming video over wifi. The feature of split screen is available that helps the user to perform multitasking by opening two apps side by side. 

4- Microsoft ‎MHN-00001 Surface Go

Microsoft ‎MHN-00001 Surface Go

If someone is in love with using a Windows operating system and they also want a tablet with it is possible now because MS released their tablet product line. Are you in love with your Laptop’s operating system? Now you can get it on your tablet as well with the help of this MS tablet. 

Microsoft doesn’t need any introduction, it is the most famous name in the technology’s world. The user can buy a tablet that looks like a laptop but on a low budget. Microsoft released Surface Go that is smaller and lighter and gives a premium feel like the other Micsrosoft’s expensive tablets but at half.

The Surface Go comes with a 3:2 10-inch IPS stunning touch display, screen resolution is max 1800 x 1200  and the dimensions are ‎9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches. The passive cooling system is used to disperse heat from the CPU. Tablet comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage but for an external storage  microSD card slot is available in it. 

The MS Surface Go can be a better choice for doing daily tasks like browsing,working and watching because it offers all day standby battery life and 9 hours of unplugged power also with the LTE Advanced feature 8.5 hours video playback.  It comes with the latest windows laptop operating system and office 365, it runs Windows 10 S mode to do things but no compromising protection because it includes Windows Defender, parental controls, Microsoft verified security.  

It comes with two cameras, 5 megapixels at the front and second cam is 8 megapixels at the back. To convert Surface Go in laptop mode, open and adjust the built-in kickstand and add removable Surface signature type cover.  

5- ASUS C433TA-AS384T Chromebook Laptop

ASUS C433TA-AS384T Chromebook Laptop

Do you want a laptop and tablet without much investment? Chromebook flip is for you because this can convert into a tablet. Asus is one of the most well-known names in the technology market due to their products. They have been designing a variety of laptops and notebooks for many years, chrome book flip C433 is one of them. 

The Asus Chromebook Flip C433 is a 2-in1 laptop because it can convert into a tablet by rotating it 360 degrees that allows the laptop to be folded back on itself. It is solid and stylish with an aluminum body and has a 14-inch LED backlit Full HD anti-glare touchscreen. Due to the nano-edge screen it looks great and makes it smaller because a 14 inch screen fits into a 13 inch case of a laptop. 

The chromebook flip is Powered by the Intel Core m3-8100Y Processor for super-fast performance. If you use a ton of tabs or run lots of apps, this has the power to get it all done with ease. It comes with 8 GB RAM with 3.4 memory speed. They give 64GB storage but the user can use 100GB google cloud storage for one year. To attach peripheral devices there are one USB and two USB-C ports designed. 

It comes with google assistant that helps to do work so fast, without switching screens you can send email, find documents, listen to music by just saying hey google. Asus provides a long battery life and can stand full day and full size backlighting and satisfying clicking keyboard for maximum comfort and multitouch support.

6- Apple iPad Mini ‎MUQX2LL/A

Apple iPad Mini ‎MUQX2LLA

If we talk about tablets and forget the Apple production house or manufacturers for the iPad, it is impossible because they did great innovations in the digital world. They introduced the ipad mini, this is for those who want all features with good performance but in a small size. 

The mini iPad comes in a 7.9-inch  Retina Display with True Tone and wide Color and its weight is 300g that makes it so lightweight. It is an ideal size, it fits in one hand and can operate easily because the thumb can reach over the entire on screen keyboard. Due to its light design and ten hours long battery it can carry anywhere without a big space bag. 

Apple’s old models of tablets run on their traditional iOS but they introduced iOS13 especially for tablets that are known as iPadOS, so the Apple mini iPad runs on iPadOS. This operating system makes it a more impressive work station. 

Apple used a A12 bionic chip with a Neural engine to give fastest performance and run the powerful apps. For the security purpose it offers a touch ID fingerprint sensor. 

To provide a better experience they built an 8 megapixels back camera, 7 megapixels facetime HD front cam and stereo speakers. The lightning connectors are available in the mini iPad for charging and connecting accessories. Apple gave the first GEN supported pencil with a mini iPad, the user has to take out the pencil and he can do sketching or writing quickly.

Best Tablet For Video Editing Buying Guide

If you want to produce professional-quality content you need a high-performance computer to produce the video. For high-resolution footage, you need a powerful device that can process all of the data smoothly otherwise your computer will run slowly even if you make the smallest edit. There is a huge variety of tablets available in the market that is why, while choosing the best tablet for video editing you should know what to look for when buying. 

It is difficult to select a tablet that will be compatible with video editing software and match your budget. Below we will discuss some important features that must be in a tablet for video editing.

Display Screen Size

The screen size is an important feature of a Tab because it will allow more working and viewing space for the user. The ideal screen size is 9-12 inches.


Everyone wants the better visual quality of their content. So to look for resolution in a certain price tag is important. Usually, the latest or modern tablets have the capacity to portray 1080p in high definition. It helps in showing the content bright, clear, and balanced.

RAM and Storage

The RAM of your tablet is a crucial component of the device. It will manage the processing speed of your tasks and commands. You can go for 4 GB to 8 GB RAM

You have to put your data in a place that might include documents, movies, photos, apps, and more. It varies from user to user about the storage capacity they prefer. From 32 GB to 128 GB SSD and 256 GB is faster than normal hard drives.


Since a tablet is a mobile device, it needs to have good battery life. Therefore, you cannot carry a charger at all times. The average battery performance of your tablet must be around 7 to 8 hours on a single charge. So even if you are away from the power outlet, you do not have to worry about running out of power every other hour.

Connectivity Ports

There are 2 types of connectivities, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The former helps in worldwide networking, whereas the other allows peripherals to be connected to one device.

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