5 Best RAM for i9-11900K

When it comes to talking about the best RAM for die-hard PC gamers and online video streamers. You can interact with a wide range of compatible RAM for your PC. In fact, core i9 11900K is the mainstream desktop CPU processor. 

Here, we present this article that revolves around the collection of innovative memory slots for i9 and a discussion of the Best RAM for i9-11900K. You might also search for a memory kit that can enhance the speed and efficiency of your pc, if yes, congrats you are following the right track. We are right here to guide you throughout the journey. 

Hence we are about to share the top-ranked best RAMs for i9-11900K. Hopefully, you might love and appreciate the features and attributes of these products.

Features of i9-11900K

Here we present the mutually common features and attributes of core i9-11900K. That would speed up the working performance and efficiency of your personal computer. 

  • RGB memory slot shares overclocking features that speed up pc.
  • Generates reliable memory cooling.
  • Stops your pc from overheating.
  • Give your PC a lifetime support.
  • Processor is very easy and quick to install.

Moreover, you can notice the core i9-11900K is the best technology for CPU gaming. Undoubtedly you would also highly appreciate the high performance overclocking. That helps your pc stay protected from overheating and hanging. The detailed study also reveals the Aluminium SPreader. 

In fact, i9 11900K  is definitely best for cpu gamers and online video streamers. Especially if you are a pc gamers you would also love and enjoy the fast and quickest heat dissipation process. Not only these RAMs for i9-11900K are available in multiple colors and designs but also these RAMs require very low power consumption. 


  • Yes, when talking about the best CPUs for gaming of any brand right now, i9 11900k is considerable. 
  • In fact, the Ryzen chips are good for video editing, but for video gaming, these chips are one of the best.

Last but not least you can see the core i9-11900K perfectly matches and works with the motherboard components of your PC. And also you would enjoy working on your PC non stop as  i9-11900K keeps your CPU cool and running efficiently. 

Top Rated Recommendations for The Best Ram for i9-11900K

Here you are going to interact with the latest RMS for i9-11900K. In fact, these devices are very easy to install and run on your PC. Also, you can notice the improvement in your PC working and speed. 

  1. G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series
  4. G.SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR TridentZ RGB Series

1. G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series

G.SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR TridentZ RGB Series

Here we present you with crucial Ballistix RGB, an ideal core i9 gaming kit for gamers and performance enthusiasts. That is available in 3 colors black, red and white. You can notice this RGB RAM customize your rig’s color scheme with the help of 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones on each module.

You might appreciate this RGB RAM because it is perfectly compatible with ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte AORUS Graphics Engine, and many more.

Moreover, it shares an XMP 2.0 support for automatic overclocking or runs at the JEDEC default profile.Last but not least, it also contains a modern aluminum heat spreader available in multiple colors to match your system build or style.

So, yes, now you should be prepared for the next evolution in the Crucial gaming memory kit. Furthermore, the Crucial Ballistix and the crucial Ballistix MAX lines feature high-quality Micron die, brilliant RGB, and dynamic heat spreaders for maximum performance.

Crucial RGB RAM is the gaming kit that is perfect for professionals and gamers. 

Designed for high-performance overclocking and is ideal for gamers and performance enthusiasts looking to push beyond standard limits.  In short, these 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones can be customized and controlled with software.

We recommend you go for this user interactive, lightweight, affordable gaming kit. If you face any issues or ambiguities regarding its quality or service, you can surely contact us and let us know. 



Next, we narrate the features and attributes of this TridentZ RGB series. That presents a unique, intelligent, and lightweight design. You can notice this RGB DDR4 kit is a heatsink design with vivid RGB LEDs. 

About to buy this g skill RGB Tridentz? Just make one thing sure the design of the kit perfectly fits the model number of your system.  This design is specific to the Intel Kaby platform.

Moreover, G skill RGB Tridentz exhibits 3200MHz memory speed for your pc. And you can see it features an entirely exposed light bar along with multiple vibrant RGB LEDs. That comes with an excellent heat spreader design. 

You study in detail the uncovered light bar that is visible in a complete RGB visual scheme. And the lighting design supports the rainbow wave spectrum. 

Finally, the downloadable enables color customizations to the memory modules of your system.

Trident Z RGB keeps the iconic design unit of the traditional Trident Z lineup. Also, it features hair-line finished aluminum heat spreaders, an aggressive fin design for highly efficient heat dissipation, and a vast light diffuser.  

Look no further for a memory that combines performance and beauty for building a stylish, modern PC. Especially if you are a gamer or online video streamer, this G skill RGB RAM is a perfect memory kit design for you. 



Here we go with the innovative and smart memory kit design that presents dual kits within the product package. In fact, you can notice this patriot viper steel DDR4 memory kit is the perfect design with the highest quality materials. For instance, you can see this product is hand-tested and valid for system compatibility.

In fact, this memory kit is designed and manufactured, keeping in mind good performance and results. Hence it works well for the latest platforms and provides the best stability and compatibility for the most needed pc platforms.

Moreover, the viper steel memory kit uses an aluminum heat shield that serves best for nonresistance, sleek look.  This memory kit is basically designed to provide you the rock-solid performance. 

And most interestingly, this memory slot generates a speed of about 3000MHZ up to 4400MHZ with the help of the XMP.Last but not least, you would enjoy and appreciate the lifetime warranty. In short, this memory kit is best for nonstop pc working as it provides a powerful heat dissipation feature. Gamers will highly appreciate this device. 

So, yes, we suggest you share this viper steel 16 GB memory kit with your gamer friends and also share your reviews with us. We are here to listen to your valued feedback and to answer your queries regarding the product’s service and quality. 

4. G.SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR TridentZ RGB Series

G.SKILL F4-3200C16Q-32GTZR TridentZ RGB Series

Okay, now we move towards the next user-friendly memory kit. Not only is this device highly efficient for memory storage, but also it presents budget-friendly, affordable rates.

You would highly appreciate the memory storage capacity of about 64GB DDR4 kit. This memory kit is compatible with the innovative INtel and MAD motherboard series known for their dependable and reliable working performance. 

Moreover, this device presents an overlock feature with XMP2.0 that supports automatic overclocking. Undoubtedly you can now enjoy the enhanced speed of your pc with the help of an aluminum heat spreader that quickly cools down the system. 

You can notice patriot viper memory modules exhibit the best performance and sleek style.  

Undoubtedly this memory kit is compatible with the latest platforms. And it provides the highest quality performance that matches perfectly with any PC build.

Last but not least, the Viper 4 Blackout Series uses a custom, recently designed, high-performance black heat shield. That is good for superior heat dissipation. 

 The patriot viper, four blackout series, is XMP 2.0 ready, high-performance memory, and compatible with the latest AMD and Intel platforms. 

 In short, it is tested and guaranteed for quality assurance; the Viper 4   Blackout Edition series is right here with a limited lifetime warranty.  And yes, you can return this product within a limited time with safe cash back return if the compatibility result is not good. 



Finally, you are going to interact with the best design available in a collection of memory kits for pc. In fact, this memory kit design presents a memory storage capacity of about 32GB. The type of this memory kit device is 288 pin DDR4 SDRAM. 

It is available in black color with the spreader and multiple channel chipset Intel. Undoubtedly this memory kit is a good choice for gamers who need a professional gaming platform with high efficiency and speed.

In fact, this Ripjaws v series is an innovative DDR4 memory kit design. That is available here to generate maximum speed and compatibility for your pc. This memory kit is perfectly compatible with the innovative Intel Core i9 processors. 

you can appreciate that each and every Ripjaws V DDR4 memory kit is certified with G.SKILL’s validation process on most of the latest motherboard brands. It definitely ensures the best reliability and stability across a wide selection of platforms.

In short, it would generate the best gaming platform for those who need a professional gaming environment on their pc.  You can surely present this user-pleasing product to your friends who are addicted to gaming. 

They would also love and admire the affordable rates and the excellent results on pc speed and working efficiency. If any ambiguities or issues regarding the product service, you can surely contact us and tell us about your worries. 


Die-hard gamers and Intel professionalists can safely choose Core i9-11900K, Intel’s mainstream 11th Generation flagship desktop CPU. But a regression in core count and only excellent performance upside add a luxurious touch to AMD Ryzen 5000 and Intel 10th Gen alternatives.

  • Overclocking potential
  • Heat spreaders
  • Affordability


These RGB memory kits share maximum overclocking potential. That helps your CPU generate the fastest possible speed without any resistance. Also, overlocking patterns are responsible for the quickest data transfer rate. 


The spreaders are available within these memory kits. That enables the RAM to dissipate the overheating process quickly and fastly. Also, these heat spreaders are responsible for the dissipation of heat with maximum ease. Dissipation of heat is quite helpful when overlocking the RAM.


Most interestingly, affordability is the factor that is mutually available in all these RAMs for cor i9. Not only are these devices reasonable in rates, but they also present a lifetime warranty. For instance, you can return the products if you are not happy or okay with your purchase. 


How much RAM do you require for I9 9900K?

  • On Intel CPUs, RAM provides very minimal performance. So, you do not need to go for RAM speed above 3000 or 3200. 
  • In fact, 16 GB 3200mhz is the best bang for your pc.

How much RAM do I9s need?

  • In fact, the CPU can support up to 2 sticks of RAM totaling 128GB.
  • The RAM requires to be DDR4, and it can take advantage of up to 2666Mhz. 
  • The CPU can support up to 2 sticks of RAM totaling 128GB. 
  • The RAM needs to be DDR4 and can take advantage of up to 2666Mhz.

Is 16GB RAM enough for i9 9900K?

  • If you’re searching for Intel’s mid-range i7-9700K or upper-mid-range i9-9900K, it depends on the intended purpose of your computer. 
  • And if you are searching to build a gaming setup, then 16 GB RAM is the way to go.

Is the  1600mhz ram slow?

  • Your 1600mhz is slower than the 2400mhz; it is around 50% slower.
  • This will definitely affect the data fetch during multitasking.
  • It causes slow performance during high fps gaming at high resolutions even though 1600mhz is quite fast.

Can you install two different Ram brands?

  • In fact, yes, you can mix RAM sticks and RAM sizes and even different RAM speeds. 
  • But yes, keep in mind that mixing and matching RAM modules isn’t the best for the working performance of your pc. 

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