Best PSU For i9-12900K (750W, 850W, 1000W)

Are you a user of Intel Core i9-12900K and looking for the best PSU for i9-12900K that fits in it? The user of the computer  uses their system for hours on end, whether it’s for work or play. This means that the power supply is worn out within a year either way. The stress of low quality parts taking up your desk space only increases the likelihood of them breaking down and not powering your computer when you need it most, a PSU helps avoid those unsettling situations. By using higher quality materials- including 80+ titanium certified great performance- any person who needs to keep their business running without interruption will find this just what they were looking for. In this article we discuss some of  the best PSUs for i9-12900K. 

Your computer is a complex machine that needs constant power. Without it, your PC would be nothing more than a paperweight. Finding the best PSU for your i9-12900K can provide you with peace of mind and an easy life when it comes to powering up your rig.

The power supply is a vital component in any computer, and it can become especially important for gamers who want to maximize the performance of their system. Choose the perfect power supply for your computer system with a better cooling system so that you can get  a cooler running system. A best PSU helps keep your PC cool without getting in the way of airflow or style. Comes with a few extras that help make it even more appealing to people who want a cleaner setup.

The minimum power supply requirements for Intel Core i9-12900K are at least 350W but you can choose an 800 watts PSU for better experience. In this article, we will review some of the best PSUs for i9-12900K on the market so you can make an informed decision about which one would be perfect for your build. 

Compatible Best PSU For i9-12900K

  1. CORSAIR AX Series, ‎CP-9020152-NA Power Supply
  2. EVGA Supernova Power Supply 220-T2-1000-X1
  3. Seasonic PRIME-TX-700 Fully Modular Power supply
  4. Thermaltake PS-TPI-1050F2FDPU-1 Power Supply
  5. CORSAIR HXi Series, ‎CP-9020072-NA Digital Power Supply
  6. SilverStone Technology SX800 Modular Power Supply
  7. Be quiet! BN642 Straight Power Supply

1- CORSAIR AX Series, ‎CP-9020152-NA Power Supply

CORSAIR AX Series, ‎CP-9020152-NA Power Supply

Find the perfect power for your build with CORSAIR AX1000 power supply. This new high-tech, high performance, ultra durable power supplies are built to last and leave nothing but good vibes. With 0DB fan operation at low loads, this PSU won’t ever sound louder than you want it to be. Plus side labels let you customize the look of your PC so that it’s perfectly customized just like you wanted it to be!

The CORSAIR AX Series, AX1000 offers 1000 watts of power and will keep your components live and kicking. With a 135 millimeter fan size, we can tell you it’s 140% quieter than other power supplies with the same Wattage output! If that weren’t enough for you, this model is 80+ Titanium Certified too; guaranteeing up to 92% efficiency at 50%, 75%, and 100% load respectively. And last but not least (for now): Zero RPM mode senses when your system needs anything less than full capacity – which explains why it consumes <1W of idle power.

This is a 1000-watt CORSAIR AX Series, which you can use for powering even the most demanding PC builds. Designed with a no RPM fan mode with patented dynamic digital fan control that helps keep noise at bay as well as supplying you with near-silent operation at low to medium loads. In addition, this PSU features full modular cabling design which means your excess cables will stay tidy and out of the way from airflow meaning both superior performance and maximum durability combined with excellent practicality.

The 135mm cooling fan delivers low-noise operation even at demanding loads. Oh yeah!  And you can customize your PSU’s color with three customizable side labels so you can look good while dominating in game. The AX series is designed for STEM professionals who want to explore the world of PC building by giving them choices.

2- EVGA Supernova Power Supply 220-T2-1000-X1

EVGA Supernova Power Supply 220-T2-1000-X1

Welcome! This is the EVGA Supernova 1000 T2, and it’s one of the most efficient and energy-saving power supplies on the market. Titanium efficiency: 94% (115VAC) / 96% (220~240VAC), you’re never going to need a new power supply again; 10 Year Warranty: if something isn’t working exactly as planned we’ve got your back for ten years. It’s also fully modular so all components can be optimized for compatibility with each other inside or outside their own system case.

The EVGA Supernova 1000 T2 comes with an efficient 94% Titanium power supply design, meaning that you can have your computer up and running all day without any electricity worries. You are getting efficient computing power at Watts worth of energy usage thanks to the 80 PLUS Titanium certified efficiently! Have no noise pollution because this model is not only incredibly quiet (140 millimeters) but also durable. This entire PSU comes fully modular for easy installation, so everything is looking bright for tonight’s game session! Get yours today!

Preserve the environment with our Eco Mode feature – reduce fan speed when temperatures are below 50°C  which helps prolong component life while remaining in full compliance with environmental standards. The innovative design ensures continuous airflow even in ECO mode supplying cool air

With its increased efficiency, you can utilize it in your server for extended periods without worrying about too much heat buildup as it will dissipate with higher precision than other models on the market.

The 140mm double ball bearing allows maximum airflow so you stay cool when playing at higher levels. This case has OVP, UVP , OCP , OPP, SCP and OTP features that ensure safe voltage readings while powering your game time or rig even when running.

3- Seasonic PRIME-TX-700 Fully Modular Power supply

Seasonic PRIME-TX-700 Fully Modular Power supply

Are you looking for a power supply unit for your gaming rig? Here is a better option for you, the fully modular, Seasonic Prime 700 watts of continuous wattage to your PC. Efficiency is maximized with the use of Titanium efficiency power supply for heavy loads and 80+ certification ensures you are getting top performing gear at an affordable cost. Fanless operation increases installation reliability by dramatically reducing potential points of failure that can result in costly data loss or other problems. An impressively long 12 year warranty assures you that this sustainable device will outlast any other on the market today.

Seasonic Prime FANLESS includes a full modular PCB, for easy installation and better airflow inside the case. The large capacity heatsink fan stand is engineered to produce higher air flow with lower noise levels, meaning less strain on the PSU’s internal components! 

If you’re ready for silence that still saves energy, then it’s time to upgrade to Seasonic quality without spending too much! 

Fanless operation increases installation reliability by dramatically reducing potential points of failure that can result in costly data loss or other problems. An impressively long 12 year warranty assures you that this sustainable device will outlast any other on the market today.

Built with the best technology in order to provide reliable and supportive performance without compromising on speed. It has up to 94% efficiency with over 50 °C ambient temperature and it runs near silently at just 22 dB(A). 

This product supports your most popular Intel processors (LGA1151) and AMD Ryzen™ desktop platforms, along with 8th-gen Core PC’s too (via BIOS update), this power supply offers full installation flexibility: fully modular cabling system enables integration of only necessary cables for easier cable management; Easy Swap connectors open for convenient, fast replacement.

4- Thermaltake PS-TPI-1050F2FDPU-1 Power Supply

Thermaltake PS-TPI-1050F2FDPU-1 Power Supply

Design power efficiency and beauty with Thermaltake’s Toughpower iRGB Plus 1050W. This PSU has a digital platform which is innovative as well as unique as it provides the best power efficiency and outstanding stability for gamers, with 32Bit MCU digitally controlling PFC & LLC to reduce ripple noise. This ATX12V PSU also meets the standards of Japanese Electric Safety Design Standards (J-Mark) and uses double up thermal protection design to make sure your computer doesn’t overheat. Equip your system with this Thermaltake Toughpower 1050W ATX12V PSU now!

You’ll never get bored playing with power. Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 1050W delivers the components that you need to take on more than just power – this PSU comes equipped with 16.8 million RGB colors plus 12 addressable RGB LEDs and 7 lighting options, giving you access to a world of whimsy and creativity while providing steady voltage output. 

This PSU comes with the dimensions 6.3 x 5.91 x 3.39 inches and 100% All Japanese 105°C/221°F Capacitors that provide premium internal components the durability, highest stability and reliability. The Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 1050W 80+ Platinum is the lowest-profile, longest-lasting PSU with flat black cables that look great. If you think your new gaming rig needs some juice, this 1050w power supply has everything! It includes everything you need to make sure it keeps up with high performance CPU requirements and can offer system stability for prolonged use. Plus, its firmware updates are FREE!

You can start gaming without worrying about your power supply thanks to its ultra-quiet design and enjoy longer gameplay sessions thanks to high reliability features. With 10 years of warranty coverage, investing in the Thermaltake Ttouch Toughpower is a smart move that will last!

5- CORSAIR HXi Series, ‎CP-9020072-NA Digital Power Supply

CORSAIR HXi Series, ‎CP-9020072-NA Digital Power Supply

Don’t be confused by this power hungry monster. The CORSAIR HXi Series is a top of the line computer power supply that will provide you with 750 watts of continuous, reliable delivery while lasting up to 10 years. Its modular design makes it easy to install and enables you to connect only the cables your system needs while eliminating cable clutter in the machine and leaving more room for new components. This zero fan mode will keep your machine from overheating or being too noisy at low loads which is perfect for when you’re just browsing on Facebook or watching Netflix. 

The CORSAIR HXi is a great choice for people who want to power their rig with quality and durability. The unit boasts 750 watts of output wattage which ensures your components receive the juice they need to run well without bottlenecks. This PSU also fits computers from ATX12V and EPS12V form factors so it’s versatile in that sense too! It can deliver up to 900 amps on a single rail mode or 600 amps continuously at 50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature. That’s over double the industry standard too!

The flat black, low-profile modular cables for increased airflow reducing noise. Fully modular design. 80 PLUS Platinum certified efficiency delivering up to 91% or 92% of total output power at 40°C operating temperatures for virtually silent operation during typical loads.

CORSAIR’s latest generation of X series PSUs delivers, without compromise exactly the performance and quality we’ve come to expect from its acolytes. The benefits of this PSU extend fully into your system: no matter how many devices and games you plug in and turn on, your PC will deliver high output with ultra-low impedance at extremely low temperatures, push any GPU harder for maximum gaming frame rates; make everything quieter without compromising cooling airflow; squeeze out even more OC headroom from your CPU.

6- SilverStone Technology SX800 Modular Power Supply

SilverStone Technology SX800 Modular Power Supply

No need to worry about whether or not your PC can support the power consumption of high-end graphics cards, this makes sure you have enough juice to run all the latest games! The SilverStone Technology SX800-LTI 800W PSU Modular Power Supply is a single +12V rail with 66A for continuous power output rated for 24/7 operation. Class leading in terms of voltage regulation and low ripple & noise. The ultra high quality construction with all Japanese capacitors ensures your equipment performs at optimum levels to keep your system stable.

This 80 Plus Titanium certified power supply is the perfect choice for those who prize top efficiency and performance. For added peace of mind we test every unit to ensure that it reaches its maximum rated continuous output at a high quality level!

Silent running 120mm fan with advanced semi-fan less operation means that not only are you getting elite efficiency, but also that everything will be nice and quiet. Supports quad PCI-E 8/6pin connectors for maximum compatibility. 100% modular short cables with flexible flat arrays mean no more fumbling blindly in the dark trying to find which cable goes where; everything is right at your fingertips! 

This PSU is the only SFX PSU with 80 Plus Titanium certification, so it knows how to stay cool even when you’re not. Plus you get all this without sacrificing anything else; including innovative technology like an intelligent load sensing feature that detects what kind of system you’re plugging into.

This power supply is 100% modular and comes equipped with flexible flat arrays that allow you to easily organize your cables in style! This power supply uses an exhaust heat pipe and the 0dB intelligent dual ball bearing fans coexist without a hitch making it one of the most innovative solutions on the market.

7- Be quiet! BN642 Straight Power Supply

Be quiet! BN642 Straight Power Supply

Introducing an internal high-end 750 W power supply for your gaming rig. Comes with BN652 connector that has two 8pin connectors on the modular input, it’s CPU cable is individually sleeved top and comes equipped with a floppy adapter as well as best motherboard plug + coil cord extension to make almost every situation catered for from new standards.

Utilizing the latest technology and premium components, this power supply is an unparalleled choice. The Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W offers incredible 80 PLUS platinum efficiency up to 94%. It can output a full 750 watts by using 40 amperes of 12 volts DC input at 100 degrees C ambient temperature. This unit has been specially designed for those recognizing quality now as much as those who may find it again later.

Innovative silence, all the way from Germany. This be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 750 W offers a full modular design to meet any need with premium components and German engineering quality. Modular cables give you maximum build flexibility, complete with sleeved cables for better aesthetics. Plus the DC wires have been designed to be free from within the PSU case so that there is nowhere for hot air to go besides out of your PC!

With 135mm Silent Wings 3 fan, you can expect a virtually inaudible cooling performance that will keep your system running without overheating issues so it stays compliant even on the longest gaming sessions or tasks that demand heavy resources, such as encoding or rendering videos. Don’t wait until it’s too late; step into this new era.

The be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W, BN642, Fully Modular, Power Supply is what you need if you’re looking for a powerful and durable power supply that doesn’t sacrifice on style.

Best PSU For i9-12900K Buying Guide

When you are building your computer system, you need to select the best components. But the selection is not a simple thing. You have to do a lot of searching. The compatibility of components with each other is a main thing. 

When you are a user of i9-12900K then choose a compatible Power supply unit of this processor. Below are some features that should be checked while purchasing the best PSU for i9-12900K.


The power supply unit should be certified with the standards, there are different certifications of a good power supply unit that are necessary, these certifications determine the efficiency of a PSU. is very necessary, this  certification for PSU helps to check the efficiency. The 80 Plus rating system basically tells you how efficient a power supply is at converting AC power into DC power. The i9-12900K supports 80% certification.


A power supply unit is all about the watts. The Desktop power supplies have a power output rating of from 600 watts to 850 watts for ultra-high-end, enthusiast-class products. The Wattage is important to supply from to the components. For the core i9-12900K the minimum requirement of power is 350 watts. 


The cable management is an important feature of a power supply unit. Power supplies are available with hard-wired cabling, with partially modular cabling, or with fully modular cabling. In modular power supplies, you can add or remove cabling from the PSU as needed to avoid case clutter. 

Fan Speed

The PSU comes with the air method of cooling so it has a fan in it that is attached with a cable, this fan dissipates the heat. The cooling process should be incredible, the fan is attached to a PSU to cool it down. 


The components of a computer system should be strong enough as they have to handle the heavy loads, for the cool down system, All power supplies utilize inward hotness sinks to assist with taking out the hotness away from the hot gadgets.

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