Best Projector for PS5 (Gaming, Mini, Portable, 4K)

Any gaming enthusiast will understand the importance of the best projectors for PS5. No expensive screens are needed when you have these smart devices with you. The support of 1080p and 4K resolution provides exceptional image quality. Connect it with your home apps and assistants such as Alexa, google voice, etc.

For gaming, these bad boys come with a 240Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. The addition of HDR10 enhances the overall image. For smooth view and stutter free performance, choose a projector that involves such features. With 4 LED and 4000 lumens, these projectors can portray bright and sharp pictures.

Having game modes for controlling the games you play is an incredible addition. Switching the modes and settings according to your will improves your game play and uplifts your global ranking. These projectors are compatible with almost every kind of media player, gaming PC, IOS devices, and gaming consoles.

In addition, 100% RGB or rec 709 color calibration enhances the pace of your picture. For better sharpness in every frame, thanks to ultra detail technology. On the other hand, dynamic black support smoothes the depth of shades to promote high contrast ratio of up to 100K.

Having a visual experience that is blur free, crisp, detailed, and clear is no less than a blessing. The easy setup is another plus point of these machines with HDMI and USB port connections. No more tangled wires or difficult staging of a projector. Set these on a table, or mounting them to the wall is your choice.

List Of Top Rated Best projector for ps5

  1. Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector
  2. SAMSUNG 120″ The Premiere Projector (SP-LSP7TFAXZA, 2020 Model)
  3. Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector
  4. Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector
  5. BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector
  6. JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector
  7. BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector
  8. Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

1- Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector

Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector

Like a beautiful first kiss, the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 laser projector will ignite your imagination. To inspire many gamers like you, this fantastic mini projector features a sleek and compact design. The 150 inch screen will illuminate any wall with vibrant imagery to compliment any occasion.

A smart device that fits in the palm of your hand is perfect for household use. You have got your eyes on the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11. This Laser Projector consists of 3LCD technology. It provides 100% RGB color accuracy without disturbing the spectrum.

It does not matter what you use it for; checking out movies from across the room or giving presentations at work. This great gadget has landed on your doorstep to make every task of yours incredible. This mini projector is like no other due to its packed specifications. 

With stunning picture quality and resolution up to 1080, you can play all you want in high definition. When you are done using it, it can be conveniently stowed away and tucked into the back of your wall. Because of the handy design, it does not take much space.

When you want to play tunes from all your favorite streaming services, just plug in via HDMI wire. A product that makes characters come alive on your wall is distinctly captivating. The immersive projections will allow you to experience entertainment like never before.

Moreover, the microlaser array introduces a perfect brightness level. By enhancing the dark color density, it allows brightness to beautify the room. There are integrated speakers for amazing audio quality as well. For high bass, a reflex speaker is dedicated to low frequency sound.

2- SAMSUNG 120″ The Premiere Projector (SP-LSP7TFAXZA, 2020 Model)

SAMSUNG 120 The Premiere Projector (SP-LSP7TFAXZA, 2020 Model)

The best entertainment just got better. Introducing the next gen Samsung Premiere Projector. With cutting edge laser technology and 4K resolution, it brings ultra vivid clarity to your favorite scenes. Enjoy all the latest movies and games, all in one place. The distance is less than 2 inches from the wall for a seamless setup.

Making it the perfect way to blend into any space seamlessly, this projector is worth the bet. It offers an integrated Alexa, Google Assistant & Bixby voice assistant right by your side. With up to 2200 lumens of smart brightness, clear images can be seen from anywhere in the room.

For a big picture experience, anyone can enjoy as well as 30W speakers paired with a powerful subwoofer. For theater quality sound, these speakers get the best of audio. The 120 inch wide display elevates your viewing experience. Say goodbye to weak, washed out colors with our Samsung 4k projector.

Designed to bring you a vivid cinematic experience wherever you are. It facilitates you at multiple occasions with no more than an arm’s length from any wall. From gaming parties and movie nights to home business presentations, this projector has got it all covered. Purcolor addition delivers a crisp and clear picture that is finely tuned.

Dual HDMI ports mean easy connection and usability and carries additional features. For voice control or adjusting settings automatically when playing games, enhances your usage with this beauty. A UHD processor ensures that you get the best of 4K pictures without compromise.

3- Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Are you in need of something that makes your evenings less boring? Look no further but at the Epson EF-100  laser projector. Consider it one of the smartest yet easy to use devices of all time. The cinema lens adds a 9 element lens structure for glass clarity. On the angle and direction of the projector, it will automatically correct the vertical geometry.

Get an amazing, sharp, bright image up to 150 inches. Relax and enjoy your phone’s content with a built in Android TV. Operate the EF-100 easily using its remote, including voice search for searching Netflix and YouTube by just talking. Stream your favorite channels by your voice through Google assistant.

The internal high quality bass reflex speaker provides crisp audio performance. The sleek design is clean, modern, and compact. Use it at home or in classrooms for streaming movies in HD resolution or presentations. This Epson Smart Streaming Projector comes with an exceptional level of brightness.

While enhancing the black density, it provides a better standard for viewing the screen. Developed for beautiful home entertaining, this projector is made to stand out. The multi array laser diode technology will fit every need you have in any other room or event. To produce the most amazing quality, Epson has mastered this art.

Really make your next event something worth talking about. With this 100% RGB color, each viewable pixel will make your jaw drop.

The EF-100 Smart Stream Projector combines rich sound and clarity using the finest bass reflex speakers. For a true theater experience in the comfort of your home, you are lucky to have this device by your side. Connect your HDMI, USB device, or SD Card to share content in an instant. It enables perfect brightness levels and unparalleled black density at 2000 lumens.

4- Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD35 True 4K UHD Next Generation Gaming Projector

With Optoma’s 4K UHD projector, you will enjoy a fast response time. For fast moving games and action movies, there is no better choice than this projector. Now you can experience every detail of your favorite film or game in up to 4 times more visual sharpness.

The 3,600 Luminosity and HDR10 make viewing quality a brilliant projection. It leaves everyone speechless due to the vibrancy and accuracy each frame contains. No need for dim lighting since this powerhouse can work in any environment. It is an easy option without worrying about straining your eyes at night with bright whites and deep blacks.

Improve your gaming experience to its pinnacle with the Optoma UHD35. This groundbreaking projector displays crisper, brighter, and richer colors. Experience high quality cinema feels with 4K Ultra HD. At 8.3 million distinct addressable pixels for realistic color reproduction by your side.

That points to over 16 times more detail than your typical 1080p display. To enjoy ultra fast gaming visuals, a 240Hz refresh rate comes with this beast. For blur free imagery and unparalleled smoothness, an enhanced viewing screen is waiting for you. HDR10 or HLG technology produces bright whites and deep blacks with three times more contrast.

For added clarity, you can see small details like facial features or leaves on trees. Due to a higher frame rate, it delivers crystal clear images. 3,600 lumens of brightness give this projector brighter than ever imagined. Comfortably leaning back into an oversized plush couch that you may have pushed up against a wall for maximum room. This product helps you get away from glowing TV screens.

5- BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector

BenQ X1300i 4LED 1080p HDR Gaming Projector

Every immersive gaming experience deserves a backdrop worthy of the drama. The BenQ X1300i gaming projector is designed to provide brilliant contrast and deep blacks. For added immersion, this box of intelligence includes Rec 709 incredible color selection.

With 3000 ANSI lumen brightness, it provides 100 inch images from 9.4 feet away. You may have seen other projectors that refuse to work in low light situations. Other projectors produce an unacceptable black level when showing dark scenes. But you will find none of those defects here.

With this product’s low latency 8.3ms response time ensures films are as intense as ever. No matter what the scenario is, this machine is programmed for high end capabilities. It also features combined special modes, including Game Mode FPS, RPG SPG, etc. The finely tuned audio, fast paced frame changing, and low input lag at 1080p resolution can be seen without a blur.

We all want a piece of X1300i 4LED HDR Projector. The reason is the thrill and excitement that is packed with it. Exposed to so much competition in the world’s most advanced technologies, you can use some creative thinking. Thankfully this projector is present for your service.

There are endless entertainment calls due to the support of Android TV. Toggle between your apps, movies, shows, and channels up to 5000. If you live in a hostel room or a smart home, this baby is compact and will easily fit anywhere. This projector proves to be perfect for users who want something portable.

It includes built in speakers and comes with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

6- JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector

JVC DLA-NX9 4K Home Theater Projector

The JVC DLA-NX9 4K Projector is the latest in home theater setup. With HDMI 2.2 compatibility, the NX9 allows you to view a true 4k signal. More color is visible with sharper images, increased bandwidth, or transmission speeds than other types of connections.

Along with resolution up to 4K, this machine also supports 3D formats like frame packing. You can entertain yourself with your favorite movies to their fullest potential. When selecting a projector for your home theater, make sure to give a chance to the new JVC DLA-NX9. The 18Gbps transmission bandwidth will let you send and receive data faster than before.

JVC not only takes your gaming and TV experience to the next level but also packs a punch with features. These specs include cutting edge 3D and ultra-bright 8.3 million pixel resolutions. For stunning quality entertainment in any environment, this machine is worth taking into consideration.

Being compatible with the latest cable standards, you can be sure that you will never miss an important detail at home or work. When it comes to watching live sports, captivating dramas, and more, you have this baby on your buying list. Its NSH 265W lamp can create morning light in a dark room.

The lack of noise is also worth noting as it produces 45db less sound when in use. This results in increasing the audience’s experience by not distracting them. You will never want to miss an event again with this device’s immense support capabilities. Its powerful lamp life and clear image drive prevent noise issues.

Without noticeable degradation, plus a year warranty ensures that your projector lasts a decade.

7- BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

With the BenQ HT2050A Home Theater Projector, it is easy and enjoyable to create a large scale cinematic experience in your own home. With 1080p protection, a brightness rating of 2200 lumens serves you well. The high native contrast ratio of this projector is ideal for both daytimes as well as evening use.

You can take advantage of its low input lag time, a mere 16ms, when gaming. Because it offers an ultra smooth interactive gaming experience, it will impress even the savviest gamers. Having Smart Eco mode ensures that energy consumption is not only minimal but also intelligent.

On the contrary, auto eco mode adjusts screen brightness during playback or interaction with other devices. The BenQ HT2050A Projector is small and sleek. Compatibility with media players, gaming consoles, PCs, and Android or IOS devices makes it easy to enjoy your entertainment anywhere.

DLP is a top most wanted technology in cinemas around the world. You can experience true HD movie quality on a 100 inch screen from just 8 feet away. The DL-HT2050A has high brightness with a 96% color accuracy. For precision performance at any angle, this projector offers ultra smooth and clear gaming.

Thanks to its low input lag that eliminates ghosting and judder.  It can project up to 300 inches. An ideal choice for gamers and movie enthusiasts who want to enjoy stunning images with minimal lag times. The flexibility of its compatibility includes HDMI, USB ports.

With HDTV support you can view your content on 480p, 1080p, 67p, 720p etc. A sharper, longer realistic image will float in front of your eyes.

8- Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

Your brightest and clearest gaming experience deserves a dark, crystal clear screen. The Optoma UHD38 delivers an 8.3 million pixel display that is 4 times as detailed as Full HD. To optimize your viewing experience, the intensity level of individual LED lights is dynamically adjusted.

It offers a 1000000:1 contrast ratio for deep depth in every single frame to match what you are watching. This 4K projector also includes 12 pre-set color modes. So you can tune its output to suit any scene or occasion of your choice. Are you looking for an easy and beautiful way to enhance your living room? Well, the Optoma UHD38 is a fantastic option.

With 240 Hz gaming for blur free visuals and unparalleled smoothness, you get to enjoy every modern game there is. It does not matter what games will be played because they are all just as good seeing them at 60fps. Combined with Enhanced Gaming Mode to produce a response time of 4.2ms can make gaming more exhilarating than ever.

Not only is this projector screen perfect for gamers but also those who want to watch high quality TV shows. In addition, PlayStation fans must be happy to know that this projector is fully compatible with their new PS5.

Optoma UHD38 is the powerhouse you have been waiting for. It will blow your mind away due to its HD10 support. The brighter white shades and darker black shadows will never look the same to you. This sleek beauty is ready to meet all of your gaming needs. The Ultra bright tech and 4000 lumens can create any place a home theatre.

Let Optoma be all about delivering a stark contrast while still maintaining a completely immersive experience. 

Best Projector for PS5 Buying Guide

Having a gaming hobby can be expensive in this era, but a good projector choice got you covered. There are many projectors in the market, each with its own perks. To find the best one for you poses a challenge to know about their spec sheet.


The maximum addition of 4000 lumens of light can change the environment of your bedroom or backyard. Having 4 LEDs will display brighter light than a single lamp. The lamp life must be backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty for a longer time span.


To see every small detail despite not having a monitor screen is not a worry now. There are projectors that support 1080p and 4K resolution in the true sense. More than 8 million addressable pixels will create a beautiful and crisp image for you.

Response time:

How amazing it is to have the same features as a costly screen does. The response time of minimum 4ms and maximum 16ms at 4K ultra HD resolution will do your thing. On a 1080p panel, the former response time allows you to play like a champ without judder and blur.

Frame rate:

The maximum refresh rate of 240Hz encourages users to bring their fastest games or action movies. Be ready for the game night on the coming weekend when you have an open space and a powerful projector.

Display size:

You can display an image up to 5 feet and 150 inches in size. This feature makes your view more comfortable, strain free, and safe for viewing. With brightness control and adequate distance, the view will be perfect for any user.

Additional features:

You can also note if there are built in speakers for clear audio, reducing your bill to buy extra speakers. Some brands offer HDMI, HDCP, or USB ports for connecting other devices with your projector. HDR10 compatibility enhances the brighter and darker shades in each picture to make them vibrant. The compatibility of a projector must be versatile to every device for more connecting options.

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