Top 7 Best Projector for Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the use of digital projections. To add a whole new dimension to art and design. It has been used for everything from performances, architectural installations, and even video games. To choose the right equipment, you need to go through the list of best projectors for projection mapping. 

That’s where we come in! Below is a list of some projectors currently on the market. So that you can make an informed decision about what type of projector will work for your needs, the right projector can make all the difference in your experience. As an artist or performer, it is worth taking the time to find the right one!

From 1080p resolution, it serves you with detailed images. A solution for a bigger screen is its 300 inches of maximum distance. With 5000 lumens of brightness, no harm is intended to the viewer’s eyes. To have better color accuracy, a wide color gamut is present.

Besides getting bright and vivid pictures, these devices work in all environments. There is much to talk about the lens as it is adjustable and vertical. An easy setup is what every user prefers. On the other hand, 1.1x optical zoom allows maximum viewing capacity.

For working in SuperEco mode, the life of the lamp is increased to a larger extent. Get to use your projector for 10 years straight without replacing the lens or light. A built-in speaker serves to boost sound quality. Moreover, the compatibility with other devices is worth the mention.

List Of Top Rated Best Projector for Projection Mapping

  1. Epson HC1060 Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p Projector
  2. WOWOTO M5 Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP Video Projector
  3. BenQ MH530FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector
  4. ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p HDMI Networkable Projector
  5. Christie Digital Systems USA 118-019101-04 HD14K-M
  6. BenQ HT8050 4K DLP UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector
  7. ViewSonic (PX701HD) 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor

1- Epson HC1060 Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p Projector

Epson HC1060 Home Cinema 1060 Full HD 1080p Projector

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is a great projector for anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck. To offer a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, this 1080p DLP projector has 3200 lumens. Besides the design, it also includes an HDMI port, USB input, and MHL compatibility so you can connect your smartphone or tablet with one cable.

If you’re in the market for a new home theater system but don’t want to spend too much money on one, then look no further than the Epson Home Cinema 1060. It consists of a widescreen Full HD 1080p entertainment projector ideal for various lighting conditions. This projector is loaded with 3,100 lumens for color brightness at maximum level.

An advanced 3LCD technology is present that delivers amazing action scenes with no rainbow effect. The projector features 2x HDMI ports (1x MHL) to connect your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, or streaming device. It has an operating distance of up to 19 feet (6 meters) and offers vertical keystone correction plus horizontal and vertical lens shift for easy usage.

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is a portable 1080p 3LCD projector that delivers bright, crisp images up to 300 inches life-sized on virtually any blank wall or screen. Epson designs this device to project an image up to 25 feet wide from 19 feet away.

2- WOWOTO M5 Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP Video Projector

WOWOTO M5 Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP Video Projector

If you are thinking of watching your favorite movie at home but do not have a projector? Well, you’re in luck! The Mini Projector 4000 Lumens 3D Portable DLP Video Projector is here for you. This amazing device can project movies up to 300 inches on any surface and has a built-in battery lasting up to 2 hours. It’s perfect for the avid movie watcher who wants to enjoy their own private cinema experience without all of the trouble of installing an expensive projector system.

This mini projector is designed not only for home entertainment, but it can be used anywhere and anytime, such as parties, celebrations, and gatherings. You can enjoy the wonderful movie time with your family or friends in any place of your house or outdoors. It is a great choice for various purposes on the big screen without going anywhere.

Moreover, The mini projector has 4000 lumens brightness, allowing it to project clear images on the wall/screen up to 200 inches (640*480).

This portable projector is the best companion for your laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It can display images and videos on the wall or ceiling of any room with a clear view of up to 200 inches of the big screen. This mini projector has built-in high quality stereo speakers and a rechargeable battery which makes it convenient for you to enjoy movies and music anywhere anytime.

With its compact size, it’s easy to carry in your pocket or handbag when you go out. Besides, the LED light is harmless and makes sure there is no harm to your eyes even if you use it for a long time.

3- BenQ MH530FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector

BenQ MH530FHD 1080P Home Theater Projector

For years, BenQ has been a leading manufacturer of monitors for gaming. They make some of the best looking displays with high refresh rates and competitive prices that gamers can find.   Now they’re introducing their latest projector, the MH530FHD. It is an ultra-widescreen display perfect for watching movies or playing games in true cinematic proportions.

Besides featuring AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tearing, low blue light filters are present to protect your eyes from harmful rays. This is one of the top selling products on the market, so if you want to be able to show off how much time you spend slaying dragons online, then this might be what you’ve been waiting for!

There is Full HD 1080p 3300 Lumens in BenQ MH530FHD Home Cinema Projector. For a long lasting life of the light, 10,000 hours can operate with it. By looking at the connectivity and convenience of this device, it is a combination of advanced technology and design. Such features make the BenQ MH530 ideal for home entertainment, business presentations, or classroom use.

The high contrast ratio and dynamic color range provide a better experience to enjoy your favorite movies, sports, and games in Full HD 1080p resolution from just about anywhere. BenQ MH530FHD is just one more example of their incredible engineering. This projector provides an amazing image in both 2D and 3D, which makes it perfect for gaming or watching movies on Blu-Ray. 

The contrast ratio is very high at 4,000:1, so blacks are nice and dark while whites are bright even in a darkened room. For those who want to enjoy or work at the same time, they have  BenQ MH530FHD on their side. An additional benefit of being able to use Eco mode when you don’t need as much brightness from your projector.

4- ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p HDMI Networkable Projector

ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p HDMI Networkable Projector

For a display with the highest resolution,  such users need ViewSonic PG800HD as a perfect match. It delivers an amazing visual experience to those who appreciate high-end technology! With a light source wattage of 370 watts, it can project images up to 300 inches wide.

This display provides a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and 5000 lumens with the advantage of bright visual capacity. On running with the Dynamic Eco mode, 2500 life of the lamp can be generated from the device. ViewSonic PG800HD is a bright and clear projector with a native resolution of 1080p.

It has all the features you need for your home theater or business meeting room. A flexible placement is present in challenging installations including a 1.3x optical zoom, centered lens, vertical lens shift, and vertical keystoning. There is a 1080p projector, a power cable, a VGA cable, and a remote to control all the actions, within the box.

The exclusive 6-segment color wheel enables accurate color reproduction; Dynamic lamp control allows you to choose between energy saving mode and high brightness mode: 2500 hours (eco), 5000 hours (high).

An amazing color accuracy along with the 6-segment color wheel and dynamic lamp control ensures vibrant, accurate colors from any source. Besides HD projection, it features 3D capability, which is visible with a pair of 3D glasses. To take advantage of its advanced picture quality capabilities right away, the brand focuses on the product as well as its customer service.

By providing 3 years of parts and labor coverage, the US users also get 1 year of lamp coverage.

5- Christie Digital Systems USA 118-019101-04 HD14K-M

Christie Digital Systems USA 118-019101-04 HD14K-M

For the most demanding users in mind, a device called Christie HD14K-M is designed. From a bright, high definition display that is less than 1 inch thick to weighing only a few pounds, this gadget has won the users’ hearts. To connect your computer or other devices without unplugging anything first, the HD14K-M also has multiple inputs.

This projector is perfect for presentations as well as watching movies in your home theater setting. With this projector, you will never have to worry about losing focus or squinting at the screen again. The brightness of this projector helps ensure that no matter where you are sitting with the screen, you’ll be able to view perfection.

Since Christie HD14K-M is a high performance projector, it can handle full brightness with 2 lamps and DLP display technology. The brand has focused on its design build for enhanced performance and longer lamp life. Besides increased flexibility, embedded warping, blending, and color matching, it supports built-in portrait capabilities.

The Christie HD14K-M is an innovative solution to the challenges of today’s AV environment. Its unique combination of features – including low cost of ownership, high contrast ratio, and 2500 lumens of light output per lamp – provides an ideal value for any application usage.

An advanced, high-performance projector, the device delivers stunning image quality and enhanced performance for popular business applications. No other device can match the high definition LCD digital light processing (DLP) engine that can display stunning 3D images from its 1080p resolution.

The HD14K-M offers flexible connectivity options, including DisplayPort, HDMI, RGB/Component video inputs, and built-in 10W speakers. It also has wireless connectivity, which allows users to stream content wirelessly using WiFi technology.

6- BenQ HT8050 4K DLP UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector

BenQ HT8050 4K DLP UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector

The BenQ HT8050 is the perfect solution for amateurs and professionals who want to capture stunning, immaculate 4K UHD videos. With sharp True 8.3 million Pixels per panel, the HT8050 eliminates misalignment artifacts with exceptional clarity. Look no further than a THX-certified brand like BenQ for your cinematic needs, boasting razor-sharp detail. 

A dynamic zoom and focus control is not usually found in cheaper brands at this price point. This state-of-the-art projector’s lens has been optimized for excellence so that every scene will be crisply clear without sacrificing brightness. With 7.0 color accuracy, ideal color temperatures are visible from a distance.

Along with the true 4K UHD in a 100″ enhanced view platform, splendid clarity consists of a super high native contrast ratio. An optimized lens for unparalleled performance is guaranteed without the hidden complexities behind panel misalignment. In addition, THX certification from pure zoom and focus sync is available at an affordable price.

On the other hand, this is a must-have for every home theater enthusiast who wants to be blown away by an incredible cinematic experience in their living room. The razor-sharp True 8.3 million pixel detail offers true to life visuals with flawless resolutions for absolute realism. A unique feature of this projector is its great quality lens that creates unrivaled powerful brightness and color performance.

It also features various other functions like vivid contrast enhancement plus enhanced video processing with advanced technology that vastly improves the texture even during fast motion scenes. 

Moreover, the device is equipped with dual digital HDMI ports – HDMI1-HDMI2.0/HDCP2.2, HDMI2- HDMI1.4a/HDCP1.4. HDMI2.0/HDCP2.2 Future proof 4K content up to 60 frames per second for smoother images.

7- ViewSonic (PX701HD) 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor

ViewSonic (PX701HD) 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor

To modernize your life, let this high quality ViewSonic 1080p Projector help you. Harness the power of SuperColor, with a wide color gamut for beautiful image production. It is compatible with HDMI 2.0 and 3D video formats.

This projector also comes with built-in speakers, so you are ready to go right out of the box! Wake up tomorrow in awe at the picturesque colors on your ceiling. Or be amazed as an impending storm approaches on the wall across from you, all in Full HD 1080p resolution.

While the reduced 16ms input latency delivers smooth images without delay, action packed gaming is on its way. To find a place to project your screen where it’s comfortable for viewing, this portable screen consists of 1.1x optical zoom. A vertical lens can shift upwards and downwards for flexible adjustments.

There are other benefits such as shining bright light for working in Eco mode. Besides working for 20,000 hours, it enables 5 hours of everyday usage. Continuous working for 10 years is a lot of time to enjoy ViewSonic’s efficient device. With SuperColor technology, this projector offers a wide color gamut to create beautiful images without delay.

Do you enjoy the immersive feel of theater-like colors and Full HD (1920x1080p) but can’t find a screen that’s big enough? ViewSonic produces stellar images on a screen up to 300-inches with 3500 lumens brightness in both dark or bright viewing environments. In addition, FrameSync technology for an uninterrupted game experience gets to meet the eye of the viewer.

Best Projector for Projection Mapping Buying Guide

Projection mapping is portraying an image onto a surface or object. Using computers to manipulate it in real time can create 3D models. To understand the basic features of a project, here are some points. These specifications will help you choose the right projector for your usage.

Distance and resolution:

An ordinary or advanced projector must cover a distance of at least 100 inches to 800 inches. The selection depends on the size of the room you will use this device in. If you are operating in a dorm room or a place with many people, more distance is required.

For the detailing part, pixel resolution should be noticed. A resolution of 1080p up to 4K is the best to go with as these pixels perform the sleek detailing wide open on the bigger screen. Doing any sort of work or play is more enjoyable with this feature.

Color accuracy:

With SuperColor technology, the projector should be able to portray realistic images. It should not matter what kind of environment the user is working in. the darker shades should be accurate. At the same time, the lighter tones should be bright enough to look at. A wide color gamut reproduces better image quality in any environment.


There is a certain brightness level in each projector. This feature should not harm the eyes of the viewer. With 12000 maximum lumens for the brightness, you get to see a vivid model from all sides. No matter how long your game session or meeting is, the light should be gentle to the eyes.

Lamp life:

Up to 20,000 hours of working, a lamp’s life is an important factor. Continuous usage of up to 5 hours and 10 years of service should be expected from an average projector. The more advanced and high end models require it to perform better than this. It depends upon the brand and type of model you are getting.


It is better to have wide compatibility with other devices. The connection with other gadgets includes TV, Smartphones, Fire TV Stick, etc. Through the ports of HDMI, USB display port, etc., you can attach the projector anywhere.


An easy setup system is loved by every user worldwide. The plug and play type or inclusion of 1.1x optical zoom is present in most projectors. For quick adjustment of the angles, vertical lens shift is the go-to option.

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