Best Projector For Nintendo Switch (Gaming, Mini, Portable, 4K)

After getting the console you always wanted, playing on a big screen is much awaited. You are in luck because the best projector for Nintendo Switch got your back. Do not fret about not having enough money to get an LCD. These projectors take all your worries away with their packed features.

You need to have a safe distance from the bright 6500 lumens of light. So these projectors display almost 300 inches away and 170 inches wide. A bigger screen emits better light, yet it saves sensitive eyes from hurting. It is possible due to the diffuse technology that makes it a user friendly device.

You want to see the better quality for gaming but cannot spend the extra money? Worry not, as these projectors are equipped with the support of 1080p and even 4K content. Keeping your morale high, these also come with 3D compatibility. Save your money on buying expensive cinema tickets despite the chaos.

The efficient bulbs that are put into these babies can run up to 50,000 hours. You will not have to change the light after months. A one time investment of all time ease is worth your attention. What a steal it is to get more features in one machine. Some may not have their own batteries included, so power them up with 5V sources.

To further make your images better, you can see 709 color reproduction or 800:1 contrast ratio. Having accurate colors brings more detail into a frame and builds the user’s interest in the content. It is all planned for connecting devices like laptops, smartphones, Roku sticks, Xbox, Ps5, etc.

The inclusion of USB ports, HDMI, thunderbolt 4, VGA, AV, and micro SD cards is to the rescue. Further, you can also prefer the models that have their own speakers of 3W for boosting audio. Such clarity in sound will not be heard the same without these efficient projectors.

List Of Top Rated Best Projector For Nintendo Switch

  1. Optoma H184X Affordable Home Theater Projector
  2. Mini Projector, P600-NEW Crosstour Portable Projector
  3. QKK Mini Projector (QK02) 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector
  4. AZEUS Video Projector, RD-822
  5. Projector, GooDee BL98 HD Video Projector
  6. Movie Projector – Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector
  7. Meer Portable Mini Projector, YG300

1- Optoma H184X Affordable Home Theater Projector

Optoma H184X Affordable Home Theater Projector

This projector is the perfect size to enjoy with friends and family. Project a movie screen up to 300 inches. In any room in your home, experience incredible color reproduction. Optoma H184X brings reds and blues to life through the bright display. With 3,600 lumens of brightness, you can always watch your favorite movies on your terms.

Bring cinema style viewing to your home with Optoma’s H184X. Whether outdoors or indoors, this high end projector works in every environment. Best of all,replacing the bulb will not be a problem for a long time. Because this projector has an average lamp life of 10 years and 15000 hours, play with ease.

Feel like you are part of the picture on this projector for home theater enthusiasts. If you do not like the chaos of going out, you are on the right page. With features that make any event special, it only weighs 11 pounds. It is made from durable material and heavy duty hinges.

To ensure it is portable, you can enjoy movies out in the backyard or take them with you. This summer is going to be fun without waiting until after dark. An advanced color reproduction system starring Rec.709 color settings enables vibrancy in each picture.

Set the mood with your own personal festive fireworks show. The H184X consists of a 720p resolution and 3D content to life. From small living room screens to those wide open spaces, this beast is easy to install anywhere. For brighter viewing in any setting, this reliable workhorse pumps scads of light onto its large image.

2- Mini Projector, P600-NEW Crosstour Portable Projector

Mini Projector, P600-NEW Crosstour Portable Projector

We are confident you will have no problem organizing a game night. Do you hear all your console players demanding a big screen? Hang onto the Crosstour mini projector that comes with its tripod. This device spins, and it is receptive to all sorts of cables. With a quick twiddle of the remote control, you can stream TV or play games endlessly.

The retractable stand lets you adjust for any length. This high tech gadget supports 16.7k screen colors. As the screen size is up to 176 inches, set your mood for fun. As much as you enjoy 1080p high definition image quality, its softer LED will not hurt your eyes. This feature is possible due to the diffuse technology. Otherwise, the brightness reaches up to 5000 lumens.

There are several ports on this projector to set your peripherals. With HDMI, AV, VGA, and USB, these ports can manage multi device setup. Having audio jacks is another plus point in the spec sheet. The sound speakers convert any room into a mind blowingHome Theater.

Dim the lights and feel like you are surrounded by your scenery. With this Mini Projector, you can experience comfortable viewing for everyone. The tripod stand allows users to adjust angles for the best view. Sometimes there is nothing better than a movie or sporting event for a good living.

The Crosstour Portable Projector is designed to get a cinema feeling and entertainment experience at home. With its 360° rotatable projector stand, it will adjust angles gently. Having 15 years of useful life and 55,000 lamp life is a sweet deal to seal. It is versatile for everyday use or handy in emergencies.

3- QKK Mini Projector (QK02) 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector

QKK Mini Projector (QK02) 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projecto

QKK Mini Projector is perfect for home entertainment indoors and outdoors. With a native resolution of 720p or 1080p, you can enjoy any media and game flawlessly. Without the need for another device, this projector is an all rounder. Featuring a 100 inch display at 1-4 meters away, there is manual focus and keystone on the projector.

The six layer LCD provides projection up to 120 inches wide. Its massive compatibility includes HDMI, AV, USB, SD, VGA inputs. To allow adjustment as needed, set your rules over the scene. This way, you can watch anything from your computer or smartphone right through the clear screen.

Plug your media players, consoles, and laptops with ease.

A low power LED light source maximizes brightness while protecting your eyes. There are 6500 lumens in this portable LCD projector. Now you can easily carry this lightweight projector with its easy to use handle. To turn any place into a multimedia hotspot is not going to be an issue.

With a 16:9 aspect ratio, powerful contrast and HD image quality are guaranteed. Say hello to the future of entertainment and personal computing. QKK mini projector is as sleek, slim, and portable as you are. For PC hookups and Headphones, plug enjoys gaming in peace.

Whether you are looking for gaming fun at home without lugging around heavy equipment; or just fancy getting together with friends, this device is for you. This device has all the bases covered for a high quality presentation with no compromise on convenience. The projector lamp life supports up to 50,000 hours of working. Plus q 3 year warranty keeps you running like a horse.

4- AZEUS Video Projector, RD-822

AZEUS Video Projector, RD-822

Make theaters come to you with crystal clear and DVD quality images. The AZEUS Video Projector 2021is going to make that happen. Watch your favorite movies or create a cinematic experience for friends and family. From the comfort of your own home, you can visualize a 40 inch widescreen up to 200 inches.

With 6000 lumens of brightness, this projector uses TFT LCD technology. It allows lower energy than conventional bulbs and also a longer life of up to 50,000 hours. Unlike many competitors that may require special adapters, the advanced built in speaker delivers high sound quality. Without needing to connect an external speaker, this 5W beast is clear like the ocean.

You will not need cables cluttering up your living room space. Moreover, you get to see 1080p picture quality without spending a pile of money on the screen. Enjoying some tough graphics for gaming is now one click away. This baby weighs only 2.36lb, light enough to carry around easily.

AZEUS Video Projector will do wonders for you! It outputs 1920x1080P with native 1280X720P resolution. A 3000:1 contrast ratio is 80% sharper than other projectors.  Another amazing thing about this unique product is its heat dissipation system. Azeus 2021 cis equipped with double fans that disperse extra heat without noise.

This model comes outfitted with 2 HDMI, 2 USB, VGA, AV, and audio output ports. For connecting any device, you need a single cable. This device got you all covered, from smartphones to laptops and gaming consoles like PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox. It will allow you to upgrade any room or place with a TV from fuzzy images.

5- Projector, GooDee BL98 HD Video Projector

Projector, GooDee BL98 HD Video Projector

Upgrade your lifestyle with the GooDee HD Video Projector. Keep an eye on your favorite shows by popping on an easy projector screen. To create a theater experience in any room, this must be your go-to option. From 4 feet to 25 feet away, this display is as big as 300 inches.

Designing this little box was no small feat; this product is not to skimp. On brightness that is 80% brighter than legacy projectors is the reason, this projector is on the top. While still keeping the unit quiet enough for when you need that immersive video audio feast. This device is also compatible with laptops, TVs, iPhones., gaming consoles, and more.

You will be blown away by the increased clarity, distance, and brightness of our newest GooDee HD video projector. These are 80% brighter than the older models yet quieter in tone with a smaller LED light.

The result is something that rivals cinema quality visuals and immersive audio. For your home entertainment, this is unlike anything you have seen before at this price. Customize projection size from 35 to 300 inches. With an option for 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio screens to display even higher resolution images for up to 25ft away.

Explore new possibilities thanks to twin HDMI ports, headphone jack, and TF slot compatibility. All backed by a 5 year warranty on this incredible product will make you a winner.

The GooDee HD video projector is an innovative and feature packed projector on the market. With its native resolution of 1920x1080P, you can enjoy crisp images on the go. While reducing distracting fan noise to a nearly inaudible level, the fan inside the machine will not let it overheat.

6- Movie Projector – Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector

Movie Projector - Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector

If you are looking for a crisp, high-definition projection without the hassle, you have come to the right place. Check out Artlii Full HD Projector, which is an insane powerhouse. With a native resolution of 1280×720, this little dynamo can project up to 1080p and 4K.

It is packed with high definition content portrayal that you might not see in any other product. For an even more cinematic experience, this thing can project a screen the size of 250 inches. Having a 50% brighter LED enhances the visuals with its efficient bulb. To produce astonishingly beautiful images, get yourself this product.

Built in sound will leave you breathless. Consisting of 2 stereo speakers provide accurate and powerful sound. On the other hand, the tough metal housing makes it possible to place this sleek projector anywhere you want. With an advanced noise reducing system, you can enjoy a peaceful time with your favorite activities.

Get ready to transform any room into an impressively spacious cinema. There are multiple input ports like VGA, USB, MicroSD card, and HDMI ports. They allow you to connect and project your content from any modern device. The noise reduction feature also lets you enjoy the low bass sound.

You will not be disturbed by ambient noise such as buzzing lights or passing traffic outside your home or office. For a top notch sound system, 3W speakers are here for your service. On top of that, 300 ANSI lumens are responsible for creating life out of pictures.

7- Meer Portable Mini Projector, YG300

Meer Portable Mini Projector, YG300

A product that has multiple device compatibility yet serves you what you want is a miracle. Meer has created such a projector that will meet all your demands. The YG300 comes with such impeccable design and a feature list that will make your jaw drop. The weight of this device is 0.29 kg.

To carry it around with you anywhere you will not be a problem. Keep your room glow with 400 lumens. Packed with home entertainment, Meer includes a power-up of other sources. Since this projector does not have a battery of its own, you need a 5V power source.

The support for multiple ports offers USB, AV, SD card, and more. This feature enables the connection for mobiles, laptops, gaming consoles, and other smart devices. Turn your home into a joy spot. It comes with a native resolution of 480p. The support for 1080p content is truly remarkable.

Having a contrast ratio of 1200:1, a vivid and crisp image display at a distance of 1 to 3 meters. The 60 inches of projection size is bold enough to maintain a safe yet visible distance. For connecting other devices, you may need an HDMI port and adapter to enjoy your gaming fully.

The contrast ratio of 800:1 beautifies the pictures to a greater stature. This device can also be a better option for home school or parties. With MP4 video format along with many others, you can enjoy multimedia opportunities. The portable size of this baby makes it fit anywhere while easily carrying it to places.

Best Projector For Nintendo Switch Buying guide

Save yourself from the hassle of locating the perfect projector for your evening plans. These features will help you determine what you require in your device. For making the right choice, you better get your pencil and paper ready.


An average distance covered from a projector is 300 inches, with an ideal 120 feet away. However, you do not want high brightness to hurt your eyes, so a perfect distance is necessary. 


This feature involves many factors like the display size, brightness level, and screen type. Starting with the size, a projector must portray an image up to 170 inches. Giving you the big screen compliment with a better contrast ratio is an incredible addition to your theatre room.

Having accurate color reproduction is as important as the 6500 lumens to brightness. The least you can expect is 300 ANSI lumens which is your preference and the setting of your projector. If you plan to do something indoor, you can manage to go for a lesser brightness tone. 


Attach other devices and peripherals with your projector through USB, HDMI, AV, VGA, and micro SD slots. Wider compatibility serves more room for competing in the gaming world or setting up a party at your place.


Although the projectors have a native resolution of a minimum of 480p, they can support higher resolution. Having 1080p and 4K on your plate will more likely draw you towards buying one.

Sound system:

The surround sound addition will make your audio crystal clear. Having a speaker of 3W on the chassis is a blessing, so you do not have to buy extra gear for the sound.


Being a top tier device will make a user greedy to gain more from it. More usage will increase the heat production but worry not. Many projectors come with dual fans to actively vanish the heat out.

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