Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $800 Dollars

You don’t have to utilize thousands of dollars in order to get a perfect pre-built gaming PCs. Although some of the people like to build their own gaming desktops but it’s a tough task. Here we are introducing the Best Pre-Built Gaming PC under 800 dollars. You can experience all type of gaming features in this mid-price range. 

Building your own PC while collecting all the components separately may don’t cost you much more but it does require a lot of work. To provide you the comfort we have selected the best pre-build PC that won’t make you feel regret over your decision. We have listed down a wide variety of gaming PCs under the range of 800-dollars. 

Since we have a budget, we need to cooperate over brand specially. In terms of a central processing unit, we can’t expect much; as we will get an AMD processor instead of Intel which can be also perfect for you. 

The major elements that we need to make our priority while getting a pre-built gaming computer below the range of 800-Dollars are; RAM which has to be at least 4GB or 8GB, SSD of 256GB or HDD of 1TB. The pre-built gaming PC should have at least at least the RTX 1660 graphics card processor unit. To eliminate all the excess heat the PC should have built-in fans to normalize the processor. 

Regardless of that, we have attempted our best tries to not to make you suffer by searching the best gaming PCs in the market. So, we have made a list down for you to select a gaming prebuilt PC. 

List Of Top Rated Best Prebuilt Gaming PC under $800

  1. Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC Desktop – AMD Ryzen 3 3100
  2. HP Pavillion TP01-066 Gaming Desktop PC
  3. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310 (AMD Ryzen
  4. AVGPC Hellfire Gaming Computer PC
  5. VR Ready HP Pavilion Gaming PC Desktop Computer 690-0073w

1. Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC Desktop – AMD Ryzen 3 3100

Skytech Chronos Mini Gaming PC Desktop - AMD Ryzen 3 3100

Having a budget of 800-dollars is no such a little target for gaming, you can even buy good gaming pre-built PCs in cheaper price. Here we are presenting you the best prebuilt PC in just 800-dollars. The Skytech Chronos Mini gaming monitor, this desktop is perfect if you don’t want a bulky PC to cover all the desk. 

The processor that this pre-built PC is surviving on is AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4-core processor. The base frequency produced by this processor is 3.6 GHz and the turbo boost clocking speed is 3.9 GHz. Graphics card processor unit of Skytech Chronos mini gaming PC has is GeForce GTX 1650 with a memory of 8GB DDR4, and speed of 3000MHz. operating system of this pre-built central processing is Windows 10 Home 64-bit. 

The memory size is for surely is pretty important when you are getting a gaming PC, so the Skytech mini desktop is providing us a flexible space of 8GB. Although having an SSD is a costly feature, but this CPU is providing you a 500GB solid-state drive which is definitely more than enough. 

Connectivity ports that you will get in this pre-built gaming PC are 4 x USB 3.1 Generation, 2 x USB 2.0, graphics Output supports; HDMI and DisplayPort. When gamers are busy in playing their high-end video games and also streaming, then due to overload PC starts getting heated up. 

To exclude all of the excess heat out of the PC desktop, this pre-built comes with 3 x ARGB Dual Ring fans to provide maximum cooling. These fans are certified by 80 PLUS 550-Watt Bronze power supply. this beast may seem as small but it has bigger impact as, you can play multiple AAA games on it while having buttery smooth experience. As an additional product the consumer will get free gaming keyboard and mouse. The warrantee of this Skytech pre-built mini desktop is one-year. 

2. HP Pavillion TP01-066 Gaming Desktop PC

HP Pavillion TP01-066 Gaming Desktop PC

Are you one of those who want to play games but doesn’t have enough time to build their own? Also building your own PC is definitely a hectic task. To ease down all sorts of hassles, we have selected an impressive pre-built PC for you. The HP Pavillion TP01-066 gaming desktop, has all the charms that can attract any gamer easily. 

The processor that buyer will get in this pre-built gaming PC is AMD Ryzen 7 3700X along with the CPU speed of 3.60 GHz. This gaming pre-built PC by HP also comes with AMD Radeon 550 graphics card processing unit with a memory of 2GB GDDR5. With the help of this GPU, a gamer can enjoy all of its favorite games, it can either be AA or AAA games like; Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, PUBG, Fortnite etc. 

So, if you are getting a PC specifically for gaming then memory and storage of that device matters a lot. The memory size of this pre-built gaming PC is 8GB DDR4 RAM with a speed of 2666 MHz, also the memory has the option of upgrade to 32 GB. In terms of storage this HP Pavillion pre-built gaming PC is providing a 256GB PCI-express non-volatile M.2 SSD. 

Connectivity ports that this laptop is providing us are; 4 x USB 2.0, 4 x 3.1 Gen 1, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C, DisplayPort DVI-D and HDMI connector. Operating system of this pre-built gaming PC is Windows 10 Home. The total wattage came out of this gaming desktop is 300-Watts Gold Efficiency Power supply. Dimensions of HP Pavillion desktop are 6.12 x 11.93 x 13.28 inches and it weighs around 15.9 pounds. The best thing about this gaming pre-built PC is that it falls under the mid-range but still provide all the premium features. 

3. iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310 (AMD Ryzen

iBUYPOWER Gaming PC Computer Desktop Trace 4 9310 (AMD Ryzen

Somehow getting a pre-build PC is a lot more affordable than constructing your own gaming PC. But for surely, it’s troublesome to get a reliable pre-built gaming PC, so we have selected this product for you after doing multiple researches. The iBUYPOWER Trace 4 9310 is a worthy pre-built desktop which will never disappoint you at any cost.

The iBUYPOWER Trace 4 9310, comes with a processor of AMD Ryzen 5 3600 which has a base frequency of 3.6 GHz, and can be boosted up to 4.2 GHz. In terms of memory and storage this gaming desktop is offering us 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 240 GB solid state drive. Operating system that you will get in iBUYPOWER is Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit. 

Even if you are not a gamer you know that a gaming PC is nothing if it doesn’t have a graphics card processor. The iBUYPOWER 9310 is granting us AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB dedicated graphics card. Accompanying with that GPU consumer will get; VR ready, Display connectors; HDMI and DisplayPort. 

Connectivity ports that you will get in this iBUYPOWER pre-built gaming PC are; 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x RJ-45 ethernet 10/100/1000 and Audio 7.1 Channel. Dimensions of this product are 29.5 x 24 x 14.25 inches and it weighs around 31.5 pounds. A gaming enthusiast can play all the Triple A games without any lag, as you can play Call of Duty, Battle Field, God of War etc. 

This pre-built PC won’t empty your pockets totally, as it falls into mid-range gaming pre-built PCs. Warranty of this pre-built gaming PC is one-year for only parts and life-time free approach to US tech support. 

4. AVGPC Hellfire Gaming Computer PC

AVGPC Hellfire Gaming Computer PC

When you have a budget to get a mid-range gaming PC then try not to go for the premium brands. As they will cost you much more for small features, which you can get even in unknown brands. We have a perfect pre-built PC for you in the range of 800-dollars, without missing a gaming feature. The AVGPC Hellfire Gaming computer desktop, is all ready to impress you with its versatile features. 

This pre-built gaming PC has a processor of AMD Ryzen 3 3100 4-core processor. The Graphics card processing unit that you will get in this is NIVIDA GeForce GTX 1660. Memory of a device which the consumer is going to utilize for gaming, plays a crucial role. This AVGPC Hellfire gaming prebuilt computer desktop is providing a total of 6GB DDR4 RAM. 

In terms of storage, you will get a solid-state drive of 480GB, with an operating system of Windows 10. When a gamer is playing a video game but on the other hand the gamer is also streaming then this multi-tasking may produce heat in the system. To eliminate all the excess heat out of the box this pre-built gaming PC came with 3 x ARGB case fans. 

As an extra addition this pre-built PC provides you gaming keyboard and mouse also. Other than that, the AVGPC Hellfire gaming desktop has a guarantee of one-year with life time free tech support. 

5. VR Ready HP Pavilion Gaming PC Desktop Computer 690-0073w

VR Ready HP Pavilion Gaming PC Desktop Computer 690-0073w

Getting a pre-built gaming desktop is much more better idea than to build your own PC. Well! You definitely need to have much time to perform this task of creating your own computer. Also, if you are not a specialist you might don’t know which component is better to utilize which is not. So, in a mid-range requirement we are presenting you a best prebuilt gaming PC which will provide all the features that a premium gaming PC is providing. 

The HP Pavilion gaming PC has the processor of Intel Core i5-9400F which is providing a base frequency speed of 2.90 GHz. Along with that the graphics card processing unit that you will be able to get in this prebuilt gaming desktop has an integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. This GPU is perfectly mind-blowing to get in this price range, now your CPU is able to perform math quickly in order to provide you a good speed. 

The total memory that this pre-built gaming computer is providing us is 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is perfect in the price range of 800-dollars. In terms of storage this gaming pre-built desktop is not disappointing you, as it is providing solid-state drive of 256GB, which is pretty awesome. 

Dimensions of this gaming pre-built PC by HP are 10.9 x 6.7 x 13.3 inches and it weighs around 11.35 pounds. The operating system that you will get in this HP Pavilion gaming pre-built desktop is Windows 10. 

Best Prebuilt PC Under 800 Buying Guide:

Since we have a budget so all of our dreams just can’t get fulfill. Although having a budget of 800-dollars is not that less. As whether you are buying a pre-built PC or constructing your own beast you will able to get a perfect winner. Before buying any product, you need to focus on some of the considerations. As being a wise person, you surely have to do it, so we have listed down some of the main features that a pre-built gaming desktop under the 800-dollars range should grant you. 

Take a look over all the features then decide which one to get; 

Central Processing Unit:

The processor in any device is definitely the main component. As central processing unit commands and gives all the instructions to other elements to perform different tasks. So, having a budget makes you stuck with little cheaper processor. The AMD is cheap than Intel but it doesn’t mean that it’s not up to the cost. The AMD Ryzen will help you to play all the Triple AAA games you want to play. And it also provides you a buttery smooth gaming experience. AMD Ryzen processors are also best for multi-tasking, so if you are playing a video game and on the other hand you are streaming it then your PC wont lag. 

Random Access Memory and Storage:

The memory and storage of any device plays a crucial role that how your device is behaving. For a range of 800-dollars you cannot go higher in terms of RAM, so basically what you can expect in this range is minimum 8GB DDR4 RAM to maximum 16GB DDR4 RAM. In terms of storage, it will be quite perfect if you are able to get solid-state drive in this price range, if not then you can go with the flow having HDD. The minimum SSD is needed in this price range is 256GB and maximum to 500GB. The minimum of HDD is need to be present in the gaming PC is 1TB. 

Graphics Card: 

However, it’s a pre-build or a customized gaming desktop, the graphics card unit is the crucial part. This is the main component that grants the picture progressively and most emphatically results in your graphics quality. The graphics card unit hat has to be present in the pre-built gaming desktop under the price range of 800-dollars, is to be RTX 1060 or GTX 1050 Ti. Even on these graphics card you can break all the records in your gaming without having a screen-tearing or lag. The games that you can play with this graphics card are; Call of Duty, Apex Legend, PUBG, and Fortnite. 

Cooling Fans:

The pre-built PC should need to have a fan in it as with the help of the fan all the useless heat will eliminate and won’t hurt any of the components inside the case. Also, to provide good aesthetics and looks the cooling fans should have the feature of RGB lighting which will eventually make your PC look good and alluring.

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