Top 7 Best Mattress For Bedridden Patients

Your body deserves rest and regulation; for that, the best mattress for bedridden patients is the right choice. As these products come with advanced comforting technology, they are also good investments. Health is the most important factor and a good night’s sleep.

It is important to look after your health, and it involves bettering your sleep cycle. A good rest improves your body performance to a great extent. To notice the sleeping surfaces such as mattresses and beds should be considered. It is better to have air cells that can promote even weight onto the mattress.

Easy to carry and changeable mattress covers are useful in hospitals and nursing homes. These products are ideal for homes and other care centers as well. They can absorb sweat and water with waterproof quality without disturbing its plush feel.

The heat inside of them is sealed well to maintain temperature. In hot or cold weather, the patient will feel at ease. There are all types of weights in people, so make sure your mattress can handle all. The breathable fabric like nylon is tough during transporting from one place to another.

Moreover, these mattresses let your skin breathe with constant and balanced air flow. A gentle yet continuous inflation and deflation process create a comfortable effect on certain pressure points. You can use them for resting and getting relief from chronic pain, ulcers, and bed sores.

List Of Top Rated Best Mattress For Bedridden Patients

  1. Vive LEPAE1683 Alternating Pressure Pad – Includes Mattress
  2. Medacure PROEX Pressure Redistribution Foam Hospital Bed Mattress
  3. Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress
  4. Drive Medical 15019 Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress
  5. Drive Medical 14027 Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress
  6. MARNUR Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical Air Mattress
  7. Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

1- Vive LEPAE1683 Alternating Pressure Pad – Includes Mattress

Vive LEPAE1683 Alternating Pressure Pad - Includes Mattress

The Vive Alternating Pressure Pad is a therapeutic pad that provides pressure relief. To those experiencing chronic pain, an alternating pressure technology mimics the motion of waves. By utilizing air chambers for gentle massaging therapy, gently relieves aching. This product is available in 3 sizes depending on your weight and height.

It also comes with a washable cover made from velvety-soft nylon material. The cover is washable or replaceable as needed. This Pressure Pad is designed to fit seamlessly under most mattresses. You do not have to worry about any extra bulkiness when it is time to relax.

Reviews show that many customers find this product helpful during their nighttime routine. Reducing back pain and overall discomfort while they sleep has become an ideal choice. It provides the user with deep pressure therapy. To apply gentle and rhythmic compression is all a patient needs.

The rhythmic pressure can be very soothing for people who are experiencing chronic discomfort. It has no side effects and is not addictive, so that it can be used often. Relieving pain from bedsores, ulcers, burns, incontinence, edema, and other ailments. The alternating pressure pump delivers a gentle stream of air that gradually increases in force.

As the steam flows across the mattress pad, it does its magic. 

The superior construction supports up to 300 lbs. of weight, while the 130 air cells offer comfort and quiet performance. These air cells are made from an open-cell foam material. A 1-year warranty covers all parts except for the motor. 60 days of risk free trial period is included with purchase.

Allowing air to circulate freely around your body while you rest. This feature helps to keep you cool on hot days or warm when resting in cold weather. The air cells also provide a soft cushioning layer between your body and the hard surface of your bed.

2- Medacure PROEX Pressure Redistribution Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

Medacure PROEX Pressure Redistribution Foam Hospital Bed Mattress

Are you looking for a pressure-redistributing foam mattress? The hospital bed mattresses from Medacure are made with low-risk patient comfort. It simultaneously reduces heat and moisture by promoting airflow. With greater support and relief, these mattresses come in six sizes to suit your needs.

If you are larger in size or taller, get the mattress that suits your body type. It lays flat once unpacked so that you can use it immediately. It is made with three layers of high-density memory and visco elastic foam. The thin mattress decompresses quickly for easy use when it is delivered right to your doorstep.

The Pressure Redistribution Foam Hospital Bed Mattress was designed to provide relief for patients with pressure ulcers. To prevent the development of new ulcers, the mattress is made from high-density foam. By providing firm support, it alleviates the need for manual repositioning.

It also has an open cell structure which helps air flow through it. These mattresses maintain a dry surface to reduce heat and moisture build up. While preventing bacteria from growing as well as keeping skin cool and dry helps control infection. Lasting significantly longer than other types of mattresses on the market today.

The foam should be replaced every 18 months or when necessary due to wear and tear. A hospital bed mattress is often a patient’s first and only comfort in their time of need. It can be the difference between sleeping well at night and not getting any sleep at all. Hospital beds usually help reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots from spending long periods on one surface. 

The top layer is made of 3 inches of high-density memory foam. This material has been designed to distribute weight across the mattress evenly. The middle layer is made of 1 inch of viscose elastic foam. This material can help relieve pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, joint stiffness, bone spurs, back pain, or other conditions.

3- Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress

If you’re looking for a great mattress, then this might be the one for you! This classic brands cool gel chill memory foam is 14 inches wide. With 2 bonus pillows is perfect if you like to sleep on your back or stomach. The gel memory foam contours to your body’s curves and provides pressure relief.

There are also plenty of other benefits that come with it, such as cooling technology, no need to flip, antimicrobial protection, etc. This mattress features a gel layer that provides a cool, dry sleeping surface. Consisting of breathable memory foam for better sleep makes every night good.

It is perfect for those looking to improve their sleep quality without breaking the bank.  The Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam is the perfect combination of comfort and support. The mattress offers a layer of premium pressure-relieving memory foam for optimal support. Along with a layer of high-density aerated cool gel memory foam that helps regulate temperature. 

The pillow top has been designed to be firm enough to provide proper back support. While still soft and comfortable, this mattress also comes with two bonus pillows. Completing your new mattress set gets you the most out of it.

With premium pressure-relieving memory foam, a high-density aerated cool gel is combined. It is amazingly tailored and detailed with a stretch knit fabric cover. The matching knit side panels beautify this product for customers. Besides the ventilated memory foam, this mattress creates a plush and comfortable sleeping surface.

For a more restful night’s sleep, Cool gel regulates temperature.  Resistant to allergens, the memory foam is naturally ideal for bedridden patients. The body becomes more flexible with the support one needs while sleeping for improved alignment.

4- Drive Medical 15019 Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

Drive Medical 15019 Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

The Drive Medical Therapeutic 5  is a high-quality foam. Designed for medical patients, it provides more support in the lower back. For the lumbar region, it helps reduce pressure on sacroiliac joints. The therapeutic layer of the mattress has five zones.

These zones are designed to help relieve pain from different parts of your body. Depending on where you need it most, this mattress also features an extra long size. So it can accommodate taller people and those who have difficulty getting out of bed due to mobility issues or arthritis. 

If you face trouble while sleeping, you are not alone. Pain like backache or stiff hips is common. Millions of Americans are facing the same disturbing sleep problem. This Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress was designed to provide therapeutic relief. For these common ailments, this mattress features a unique design.

Providing targeted support where it needs the most relieves chronic pains. To get rid of discomfort, It also includes an air pump. With quick inflation and deflation, changing positions will be easy as pie.

The Drive Medical Therapeutic 5 Zone Support is a multi-purpose mattress. It provides premium comfort for bedridden users. To help relieve pressure points, five zones provide optimum support for the back, hips, shoulders, knees, and ankles. Each zone has its contour. Ensuring proper alignment of body parts while lying down on the mattress.

The cover is made from fluid-resistant nylon. With a waterproof vinyl bottom, it can be easily cleaned when needed. To maximize individualized therapy, this mattress’s five zones can be used to conduct exercises with the patient. Clinicians have rated this therapeutic mattress as “Outstanding” in a clinical trial as it simulates gravitational traction.

5- Drive Medical 14027 Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress

Drive Medical 14027 Med Aire Low Air Loss Mattress

For those suffering from respiratory illnesses, finding the right mattress can be a difficult task. There are many different types of mattresses on the market today. But for people with respiratory issues, a low air loss mattress is best. The Drive Medical Med Aire Low Mattress Replacement System is designed to comfort.

Promoting better sleep for individuals with chronic lung disease or other breathing difficulties. This system includes an extra-thick waterproof cover. It locks in moisture vapor while allowing excess water vapors to escape. This keeps the air surrounding your body at a higher humidity level. 

The Med Aire also features a special top fabric lining. To take off moisture from your skin, it contains a special design. Drive Medical provides all the pressure redistribution and skin protection benefits. It can operate in either static or alternating-pressure mode. Consisting of a CPR valve for rapid deflation is compact and lightweight. 

From pumping air at 2 different speeds, it is easy to transport it from one place to another. A low-shear nylon cover provides resistance against fluids. Those fluids can otherwise harm patients’ skin. While spring lined air tubes prevent kinks that could disrupt airflow. You will get all the benefits of a MedAire mattress replacement system with this reliable product.

The whisper quiet MedAire mattress replacement system gets its name because it’s quieter than some other devices on the market. The Mattress Replacement System is made for alternating pressure and low air loss. You get to enjoy the convenient pillow function, which helps keep your head inflated during sleep. Remain cool during the summer months in loose-cover nylon.

6- MARNUR Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical Air Mattress

MARNUR Alternating Pressure Mattress Medical Air Mattress

Pressure mattresses are becoming more and more popular in the medical industry. This is because they offer a multitude of benefits. These include better blood circulation, less pain, easier breathing, improved sleep quality, reduced muscle spasms, and improved joint mobility for both patients and caregivers alike.

Studies have shown that alternating pressure mattresses can help reduce hospital acquired infections. These beds provide quite a bit of value over time. An alternating pressure mattress is designed for use in the prevention of ulcers. 130 air cells of the alternating pressure pad would be automatically inflated and deflated.

Through the consistent cyclic air flow, it creates a therapeutic sleeping surface. This feature helps optimize weight redistribution and reduce pressure spots. The air pump of this mattress provides a cycle of inflation and deflation about every 6 minutes.

With low working noise of 40 dB, the air pump ensures restful sleep. Easy to Setup and Store the product includes an air pump, fuse, and repair kit. It can hold up to 298 lbs of weight for all patients. Without placing too much pressure on certain aching areas, the pressure evenly distributes.

For bedridden patients, alternating pressure mattresses are a good choice. It serves them with the management of ulcers, chronic pains, and a good night’s sleep. This effective redistribution, along with 130 air cells, is an advanced method for comfort.

7- Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress Topper

Most people think of the night as resting and rejuvenating their bodies. However, this can be resolved for those who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring. Vaunn Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress developed to combat these issues. They use alternating air pressures throughout the mattress surface.

It helps to reduce snoring and obstructive sleep apnea symptoms without any side effects. Find a comfortable spot on your bed with Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Dimple Soft Pressure Mattress. The air cushions are designed to provide cleanable relief from pressure points.

Sore joints are brought by tossing and turning at night, and the sleep is disturbed. This fits any bed frame or mattress width from king to twin size. Without having to buy new sheets or make alterations that affect comfort levels! The waterproof topper is easy to clean with a medical grade vinyl mattress.

As it supports up to 300 lbs, you do not have any worries about who disturbs who at night anymore. Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress outperforms its competitors in noise level. The dual therapy alternating pressure pump creates 360 degrees of air flow. No matter what position you lie in, every part of your body will get equal breathable space.

The Vaunn Medical Cloud Air Whisper Quiet Alternating Air Pressure Mattress is a revolutionary mattress. To provide therapeutic air pressure improves circulation. It serves you the relief from ulcers, bed sores, and chronic pains. The Cloud Air features 130 pre-programmed air cells. 

These cells gently inflate and deflate in a proprietary algorithm to eliminate pressure. Distributing your weight evenly across the multiple layered foam surface. It offers solid support for your back and body. As you sleep, the gentle waves work to relax your muscles and promote blood circulation.

Top 7 Best Mattress For Bedridden Patients Buying Guide

To undo stress and pain from your body, you need to change your mattress. The surface you sleep on really triggers your mood and body in the morning. Certain factors should be noticed for a good night’s sleep, especially for bedridden patients.

Air flow:

Constant and even airflow is important in all conditions and environments. Certain products are equipped with advanced technology to eliminate pressure and weight all over the mattress. This technology is revolutionary for both patients and hospitals because it helps in elevating blood circulation.

After the body’s circulation, fluid is back on track; these mattresses are capable of preventing skin maceration. A wave like therapy improves your sleep and helps you get up fresh and ready for action.


No matter in which part of the world you live, you deserve a good surface to rest on. After a hard, tiring day, your bed surface needs to be programmed with certain air cells that keep your temperature balanced. Gentle inflation and deflation allow your skin to breathe even in tough and harsh weather.

Air cells:

The presence of air cells in a mattress is a new and improved concept of the health department. Their job is to ensure the patient’s body is resting evenly and comfortably. Creating a breathable space for the person to sleep on improved their sleep cycle resulting in quick healing.


No pressure must be spot on certain areas of a patient. As for chronic illnesses, many people have to rest more than regular patients. For that purpose, one needs to get a mattress that evenly distributes the weight. Usually, mattresses can hold up to 400lbs of body weight.

Waterproof ability:

With healing, a patient sometimes needs to sweat. In other cases, living in hot weather can be challenging for a sick person. The buyer needs to ensure the waterproof ability of the mattress. No fluid should destroy the softness and plush feeling of the product and is quickly dried.

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