Top 7 Best In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection For Shooting

To protect your sense of hearing, you need to get your hands on the best in ear electronic hearing protection for shooting. With loads of features involved in making these products, you are simply choosing life over everything else. A smart investment is one that serves you well.

In the era of new technology, these electronic hearing devices are becoming advanced. With the reliability of fully enclosed support, no harm can come to the ears. If you are in a chaotic environment such as concerts, shooting an arena, sports events, construction sites, etc., these headphones are your buddies.

Some brands include them in the package running on AAA batteries, while others have to be separately bought. The dual omnidirectional microphones allow the user to convey their message in a chaotic environment. As light as a feather is the addition of ultra thin rubber cups.

All heads are prone to fit into these headphones for different sizes. Moreover, padded earmuffs support comfort and style while sealing loud noises. An average noise reduction rating of 23dB is provided. The volume control buttons are helpful to adjust the sound manually.

Another notable feature is the adjustable headband size. With this adjustment tool, these headsets will fit all heads, no matter their size. To use these on different occasions and different functions is a bonus. Let other devices connect with these headphones, such as MP3 players and Smartphones.

Several brands have invented ear protection ear muffs for listening to music or making calls. With their slim folding design, one can keep it in their bag or take them to a chaotic work site. Crisp and clear audio is heard no matter how noisy the environment is.

List Of Top Rated Best In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection For Shooting 2021

  1. Peltor TAC500-OTH Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector
  2. Pro Ears – Pro Mag Gold – Electronic Hearing Protection
  3. ACT FIRE Ear Protection Hearing Protection
  4. Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs
  5. Howard Leight R-02231 Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic
  6. GLORYFIRE Ear Protection, Hearing Protection
  7. PROHEAR 030 Electronic Shooting Ear Protection

1- Peltor TAC500-OTH Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector

Peltor TAC500-OTH Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic is a hearing protector. It contains many features to protect the ears from loud noises while still allowing them to hear low-level sounds. The device can be used for hunting, shooting, and other outdoor activities. It works by delivering sound at safe levels through a microphone in the earpiece.

Without taking off the electronic ear muffs, users can hear conversations or warning signals at normal volumes. It will automatically shut off by touching two buttons on the side of the headset.

After five hours of use, it still does not overheat when left on all day long. This product is beneficial for hunters, shooters, or anyone who wants ultimate protection. Peltor Tactical 500 is the first electronic hearing protector with instant feedback. This feature protects without compromising situational awareness.

The comfortable design makes it easily wearable for extended periods. It consists of a microphone that quickly amplifies sounds. Audio such as voices or gunfire allows you to hear what others are saying.

 While still protecting your hearing from loud noises like an explosion, this product offers a 26 dB noise reduction rating. This quality product features Bluetooth technology to stream music and make calls. The dynamic suppression time measures the energy in gunshot noise. It automatically sets suppression time for reduced echoes and increased comfort.

It actively filters noise for improved speech intelligibility. Moreover, durable recessed microphones prevent damage and reduce wind noise. While running on AA batteries, the Peltor Sport Tactical 500 is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor shooters.

2- Pro Ears – Pro Mag Gold – Electronic Hearing Protection

Pro Ears - Pro Mag Gold - Electronic Hearing Protection

Pro Ears have added efficiency to your work by introducing Pro Mag Gold electronic hearing protection. This device protects the ears from loud damage noises can bring. This headphone is fully enclosed with muffs to bring reliability to the table.

For a dual circuit design, there are no wires to be tangled to disturb you for your winning shot. An automatic and programmable control serves to adjust the volume to the user. To set the perfect level of sound for you allows you to go with this feature for a long time.

There are replaceable ear seals and headbands besides the package. This feature allows you to use this device as long as you want. It feels natural to wear these in your everyday life. You can order a new seat of muffs and headband to make your headphones look new.

It is easy and comfortable design allows hassle free wearing and usage. Furthermore, the DLSC technology allows the sound to magnify and reduce the damage of a loud sound. An uninterrupted experience is enabled in all environments without cutting the important sounds.

No plastic or vinyl is involved in the making of this product. It is sweat or waterproof, and the muffs are padded. The comfort of wearing is the priority of the brand. The adjustable headband ensures the perfect fit for every head size.

An automatic shut off feature is added for conserving the energy. Moreover, you can insert a 3.5mm audio jack into this product. This headphone is at your service for making calls or listening to music.

3- ACT FIRE Ear Protection Hearing Protection

ACT FIRE Ear Protection Hearing Protection

The sound of a gunshot can be harmful, but to avoid hearing protection is not acceptable. Hearing protectors are designed to reduce the magnitude of sounds. The noise reaching your ear drums without blocking can be very damaging. If you are at a gun range shooting or hunting for sport, hearing protection is an absolute must!

Shooting Earmuffs Elite is designed with stereo sound. By using a new internal chip, the manufacturer improves the design. With Japanese imported painting, it has better protection and looks. It can prevent damage from the surface without fading under UV radiation.

The volume control button is designed vertically, more convenient for users. You can adjust the amplification effect according to your needs. It can be used as a stereo headset when it is connected to a mobile phone or MP3 player via Bluetooth connection. The new design makes it different from the traditional earmuffs.

The sound quality of the stereo headset is good and quite loud. To enjoy your music while protecting your ears at the same time, this device is useful. You can also use this product as ear protection in a shooting range. They are very comfortable to wear with soft padding material on both sides.

These shooting earmuffs Elite can better adapt to different occasions. For events like parades, concerts, explosions, or sports arenas, save your ears from the chaos. There is the MP3 earphone cable, putting good use to it. An average rating of sound ranges up to 23dB.

4- Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs

Walker's Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs

To protect from hearing loss, Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Ear Muffs exist. While still allowing people to hear important cues like an approaching storm or avalanche warnings. No one should prioritize between their health and having a good time. These headphones are perfect for those looking for more protection from harsh weather elements.

For outdoor activities such as hunting, these are made with heavy duty materials. These earmuffs will keep your ears warm and dry while still blocking out the noise to withstand any weather conditions.  Coming in 3 different sizes, these headphones are sure to fit comfortably on anyone’s head.

The muffs also have a built-in volume control if you want to listen to music or make calls. Without blocking out other sounds around you, Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Earmuffs are the most advanced electronic earmuffs on the market. Walker’s has taken their original shooter earmuffs and added a new feature.

An ultra thin rubberized cup that will not fog up or sweat. The Razor features two omnidirectional microphones for maximum sound pick up. There is protection over 89 DB at 0.02 reaction time as the unit comes with 2 AAA batteries included.

The ultra thin cup design allows you to wear your glasses underneath without fogging or sweating. The Walker’s Razor Series Shooter Ear Muffs provides a 23DB noise reduction rating. The slim foldable design allows you to carry them wherever you go. The compact and portable feature of this product is unmatched.

5- Howard Leight R-02231 Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic

Howard Leight R-02231 Impact Sport Bolt Digital Electronic

The Bolt Digital is the new high-tech way to hear and identify sounds. During a shooting experience, this product provides clear directional sound. To amplify low level frequencies depends on what kind of sound is coming. Listening to animals in the field becomes easier.

Using specialized compression circuitry, you can still listen comfortably without damaging the hearing. It also provides comfort from wind interfering while shooting outdoors or indoors. Consisting of an adjustable padded headband for added protection. These electronic earmuffs are perfect for any shooter.

They have a low profile design, so they do not get in the way of shooting positions. For a lightweight and with an adjustable headband makes it comfortable to wear. The digital controls make it easy to adjust volume levels. Without removing your hands from your rifle or shotgun, it allows you to focus on the task.

No need to worry about damaging expensive muffs because these bad boys come with a 2 year warranty. Howard Leights offers some other great products, such as their RX series, which has a sound reduction of up to 31 decibels. The Digital Electronic Shooting Earmuff is a great choice for hunters, competitive shooters, and recreational shooters alike.

Its digital compression circuitry offers a .5 millisecond attack time. To compress any noise that exceeds a safe 82 dB it is safe and efficient. This speed ensures never to miss out on hearing important range commands or conversations with fellow shooters. To top it off, the earmuffs are sound amplification products.

It comes with extra ear cup cushions to enhance low-level frequencies like range commands. It is an ideal choice for indoor & outdoor shooting as it reduces wind noise. Truly an innovative choice, these Impact Sports Digital ear muffs offer a one-of-a light trigger time duration.

6- GLORYFIRE Ear Protection, Hearing Protection

GLORYFIRE Ear Protection, Hearing Protection

GLORYFIRE is an ear protection device that offers hearing protection for Shooting. The earplugs are designed to block out sound and protect the user’s ears. Its design has a foam tip, which provides maximum comfort and noise reduction. The tips are also made of medical grade silicone.

As there is no risk of allergic reaction or infections from prolonged use, these soft materials reduce any discomfort. By conforming more comfortably to the contours of your head, GLORYFIRE features two sizes. You can find the perfect fit for your ears as well as relieve any pressure.

GLORYFIRE Ear Protection is for Paintball, Rifle, or Shotgun Shooting at Gun Range. Electronic Shooting has a noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB to block out all noises above 82 dB completely. The low profile design is ideal when hunting with animals that have sensitive hearing.

It is also useful for sporting events and paintball games, as well as powerful stadium speakers. An AUX input and 3.5 mm connection cord for MP3 players and scanners is present. It means you will never miss a beat, even if it is too loud. The integrated power or volume knob makes it easy to control voltage consumption.

By shutting off when not in use saves power without compromising on sound quality. While operating on 2 ‘AAA’ batteries ensures that these sturdy headphones can be competitive. GLORYFIRE earmuffs are designed to provide excellent hearing protection for high decibel environments. The brand made this device with superior quality microchips that keep a good sound quality.

7- PROHEAR 030 Electronic Shooting Ear Protection

PROHEAR 030 Electronic Shooting Ear Protection

Never worry about stale or losing the connection in your pocket. PROHEAR 030 is engineered with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It provides a more stable and durable connection. The recessed microphones could increase tinny environmental sound when the sound is less than 82dB.

While reducing wind noise, this product serves enhanced communication. The slim hearing protector is designed as lightweight and comfortable for hunting or shooting. The better connection of Bluetooth 5.0 allows seamless streaming entertainment. Any sound that reaches 82dB is compressed to a bearable 27dB.

It becomes a perfect firearm stock clearance with slim and low-profile cups. The built-in battery makes it unnecessary to change batteries frequently. It could last up to 16 hours of continuous talking or listen to music etc.

No need to panic if your phone drops into the bottom of your pocket. We have got you covered with these headphones. Everyone needs that crisp sound quality at all times. Do not settle on second best when it comes to protecting your ears from loud noises. Coming with 1 year warranty is the brand’s assurance of quality guaranteed.

With a high-quality rubber, a better touch feeling is present. Its ergonomic design is all in the headband. For adjustable qualities, the headphones can fit any head size. The compact folding design is easy to carry and put in bags without any hassle.

Best In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection For Shooting Buying Guide

Hearing is a sense that is precious to every human being. People who are into sports or tend to go to loud environments often need to look after their ears. There are many products in the market for that purpose. One needs to familiarize with the required features through a guide.


One of the most user-friendly features is the adjustability of the product. A headband that can accommodate the size of the user’s head is simply fantastic. For electronic hearing protection, it must contain volume control buttons. You can adjust the volume of your music or calls without distracting yourself from your work.


A slim and foldable design of these items means you are in luck. Carry the headphones in your bag or take them with you to the shooting range. 

Noise level:

Any sound that exceeds the limit of 80dB is compressed with advanced technology. The bearable audio of 20dB is heard like a normal conversation with a human being. The sound of the gun shoot, concerts, sporting speakers, etc., becomes bearable.


You are in luck if your hearing protector includes Bluetooth 5.0 connection. This latest connectivity allows youtube to attach your Smartphone or MP3 player. Make calls or listen to music endlessly. The addition of a 3.5mm audio jack or AUX input is for old school people who like a wired connection.


Running on AA or AAA batteries is evidence of the modern era. For working continuously for up to 16 hours, there has to be a powerful battery involved. An auto shut off saves the battery and the environment.


For longer time usage, one needs to understand the importance of quality. If you are wearing headphones, they need to be comfortable and soft. Many brands include rubber paint and plush ear muffs. There is also the facility of replaceable muffs and headbands.

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