Best Heart Rate Monitor for Zwift (Wahoo, Polar, Garmin)

Fitness is what gets you away from obesity and healthy life. Why not do it in a more advanced and appropriate way. The best heart rate monitors for Zwift are in town to track your everyday routine. From exercising to intense workouts, everything will be kept for the record.

Getting yourself better from tomorrow is a wise man’s move. Thankfully, you have such devices that can help you gain strength without losing sweat. The IP67 or IPX waterproof technology allows you to use these monitors in the rain. Some of these monitors can be worn on your chest, while others are perfect for arms.

You get to choose your favorite device to pair these beauties with. It can be anything from IOS 10 and above versions from Android 4.3 and more. The best heart rate monitors are ones that can be easily monitored while riding. They need to track the rider’s history in real time. They can show a variety of stats like speed, distance traveled, elevation changes, etc.

Many athletes are signing up for races and using their best efforts to train. People can figure out if the training has been effective or not by checking the heart rate. These statistics should also help riders keep an eye on their progress over time by tracking important metrics such as weight or body mass.

Some of these devices have built in memory for keeping the record of the last 10 shifts. You can count on the accuracy of these gadgets as they try to improve your body’s immunity. The battery is an important factor to look at. It works for more than 24 hours in minimalist and 12 months in high end straps.

Having a Bluetooth feature will keep you focused when you do not have your phone around. As the training is recorded on your phone, you can check it later, enhancing your concentration on the present exercise session. Respond to notifications, GPS location, or count your steps with these smart lifestyle gadgets.

List Of Top Rated Best Heart Rate Monitor for Zwift

  1. Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor
  2. Moofit HR6 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
  3. Polar OH1+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  4. Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor
  5. CooSpo Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor
  6. Dash Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
  7. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

1- Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

Get the accurate heart rate, calorie burn, and zones you need to push your limits. With Wahoo TICKR X, you can go as far as you want. This chest strap not only tracks but also records real time heart rate. This monitor was made for athletes of any sport. It is easy to track all your variables so you can sculpt the body and healthiness level.

Monitoring your heart rate is not complicated when you have the right gadget. Wahoo tickr X also records workout data to be synced later. So you do not need to worry about carrying a phone with you on training runs or bike rides.

This gadget is compatible with everyone and almost every fitness device. It is built for workouts with iPhones, Android phones, GPS watches from Garmin, and more. The lightweight chest strap is easy to use and stays comfortable all day long. You will love its adjustable length that goes from 23 up to 48 inches.

This miniature TICKR tracks and captures your heart rate throughout the day. Along with capturing workouts, TICKR has a built in memory to allow you to train without your phone. It is compatible with Bluetooth or ANT+ and connects automatically to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches, and bike computers by Wahoo Fitness. 

This feature packed monitor is more than just a fitness tracker. For counting steps you take, you can add this strap as a pedometer. This little battery device features an adjustable band that will hold a firm grip on your chest. If your route is outdoors and involves a lot of distance, it gets difficult to track your hard work.

TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor has come to your rescue. This product, now securely tucked under your clothes, measures real time heart rate via an optical sensor.

2- Moofit HR6 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

Moofit HR6 ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

The moofit Heart Monitor with Chest Strap is the ideal fitness companion. For any athlete or any sport, you can track your successful workouts using Moofit. It comes with integrated polyester for comfortable wearing on your chest. Consisting of Bluetooth and ANT+ technology ensures that your heart rate gets the full update.

To know how hard you are beating, your body needs the supervision of an expert. Do not worry if you cannot hire a fitness trainer; this chest strap is all you need. When you are looking to outdo all of those other lazy slobs at home in front of the TV, it is time to get real. Moofit monitor’s calorie consumption gives you a real time analysis of data.

This strap is adjustable from 65 inches up to 95cm, so it has got you covered no matter your size. It also does not move as much or have that pesky sliding issue that traditional straps may have had. ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect way to monitor your health as you train.

It offers accurate and instant information on heart rate, calories consumed, and more. Think of all the accomplishments you can get when you can track your workouts. From monitoring the stress in a challenging hike to helping you build confidence, this gadget is here for it all. As you push towards new personal bests, this technology is unbeatable at its job.

Best of all? With  IPX7 water resistance, moofit HRM is not meant for swimming, but it can withstand rain or sweat without a problem. It slips right into your active lifestyle without disrupting anything. The chest strap itself has flexible straps that are fully adjustable. The battery can last from 10 to 12 months.

3- Polar OH1+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1+ Optical Heart Rate Sensor

With Polar OH1+, you can measure your heart rate with a button’s touch. It is available for one person at home or in the office, or various working groups and sports clubs. Flexible connectivity means it pairs with any Bluetooth device such as a popular cell phone app, your wristwatch, standalone satellite receiver system, etc.

Flexible connectivity allows you to use it with phones. Convenient usage of this gadget gives you the freedom of unmatched diversity. For use in different sports, the sensor in this device offers accurate counting. A versatile chest strap offers more than just monitoring the temperature and shape of your body.

Free your heart and mind with the new Polar OH1+ Built for comfortable use across a wide range of activities; this device is flexible enough to be paired with iOS or Android devices. The OH1+ OHR sensor promises to revolutionize how athletes interact with their training data. After pairing it with the device of your choice, it unlocks countless possibilities.

To wear and remove this gadget is easy and effortless. The strap is flexible and adjustable up to 95 cm or your arm. A swimming goggle strap clip is included to notice your perfect timing during a lap.

With Bluetooth Smart and ANT+, these high tech sensors sync seamlessly with any compatible mobile app or gadget. So you can monitor everything from air quality to sleep patterns in real time anywhere.

4-Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor

The Garmin HRM Tri is not just for triathletes anymore! This device works great for all types of workouts. Designed with rounded edges and no cutting corners, keep you away from obstacles. The strap is comfortable especially for extended hours of training. To get feedback on your training sessions, it can be obtained by different methods.

The best part about this version? It can run up to 10 months as fresh as a pie. It will last that long before you need to recharge it again. The Garmin HRM is the perfect tool for a swimmer looking to analyze their movements during training. This slim and lightweight strap weighs only 0.13 pounds.

Wearing this gadget all day integrates comfort and efficiency in your training. This heart rate monitor watch will provide feedback about running form and heart rate variability with a compatible device like your smartphone. You can see the results in seconds when paired with an ideal device connection.

Keep track of your training and up to 20 hours of swim metrics with the Garmin tri monitor. A lightweight and small in form machine, this strap is built for extended workouts. When you are done with a workout session, it forwards data back to any compatible device automatically.

If you bring this gadget along for a pool swim, you can see detailed time spent in different intensities. Garmin HRM is tailored to meet you on land and in water. An even better time saver? This lightweight display features just enough information with a large digital readout.

Quick touch zones and alerts allow athletes to see their current pace at a glance. Without breaking focus, it also notices subtle traits like footwear impact by calculating cadence bouncing.

5- CooSpo Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

CooSpo Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor

The CooSpo Heart Monitor is not only comfortable for your arm but also can be used to connect to various fitness equipment. It is easy to see the content with a crisp LED indicator. Letting you know if your device is connected and working, the light shines brightly. To put this armband in water is not an issue either.

The IP67 waterproof technology enables the usage of this gadget in the rain but not during swimming. On the other hand, keep your connections intact while working out with CooSpo’s Bluetooth. So choose your favorite apps and fitness trainers to go for a refreshing ride.

Apps like runfit, fitPro, Zwift, Polar beat Endomondo, etc., are all compatible with this device. You can synchronize the progress data of your sessions and workout on the go. This machine is perfect for connecting various fitness equipment, such as bike computers, GPS watch, and a cycling platform.

Use the armband during handwashing chores in your home or while running errands in the rain. Compatible with IOS 7.0 or higher and Android running 4.3 and above. This band will be your new favorite way to work out smarter. Listening to your heart and being captured by COOSPO is an intelligent upgrade in technology.

Having 25 hours and more time to run this beast is an incredible addition for a non stop workout. Keep the charger at home as the battery goes about a day. A single charge will take you throughout the day.

6- Dash Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Dash Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Connecting to your heart rate monitor is easy. The Dash chest Monitor is a great low cost way to analyse your heart rate and calories. You will connect a small clip of the strap to your chest. There are 2 metal pads with which it contacts and follows the instructions on your mobile app.

It connects through Bluetooth without any connectivity problems. If you forget to charge it for work later, this thing lasts 12 hours. Now getting back into shape does not have to be as hard as holding onto that elusive battery power. Finally, an affordable solution is designed with usability in mind.

Fit a small or large body shape without dealing with cumbersome gels that may be too tight or too loose on some people. A perfect fit will pave the path for a comfortable and enthusiastic exercise.

A real time analysis of your heart rate is on your wrist for monitoring your progress. Any compatible device that is above 4.3 in android or IOS will work wonderfully . If you pair them with this gadget, no one can stop you. The strap is universal, so it fits most small to large body types.

They also offer a long battery life that lasts until your next workout to enhance your focus. The reliability in syncing is a major factor when loading your previous data. Thankfully, there are no issues with getting the best of your body. This heart rate monitor provides insights into your performance.

Giving you a better feel for how intensely you are training is important for getting better every day. Stop guessing and start training by pairing with apps like Endomondo, MyFitnessPal, Mapmyfitness, Zwift, and Wahoo RunFit. Remotely control functions on your Bluetooth Smart device like volume and answering calls.

7- Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

It is time to upgrade your workout routines. Your heart rate is the key to success for any workout, but it can usually only be tracked on fitness machines. Lucky for you, TICKR enables the chest strap to pair with your phone without tangling wires. No more awkward moments trying to get your shoelaces.

You can barely feel your pulse at your wrist as the sweat starts dripping. TICKR ensures accurate readings from 0% – 199%. Plus, there is no need to switch gears completely because TICKR packs great features. Like ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility, having a fashionable design with efficient working capability is all you need.

Ask yourself one question. Have you ever wanted to know your body’s inner condition when you are in the middle of something intense? By introducing this device, Wahoo has increased the number of fitness freaks in the community. This lightweight and slim strap is easy to wear without you noticing it.

It connects with your smartphone, GPS watch, and bike computer with its advanced technology. For accurate measurement at any time, you just need to find your favorite app and device. It also pairs with other apps for workout data and syncing them securely. What is more essential than knowing how hard you are working out when it comes down to it?

Inspired by the sound of beating hearts, the TICKR has a sleek and simple design. With LEDs that change to green when it is paired lets you know about a successful mission. This small yet elegant device is unlike any HR monitor you have seen before. Reducing motion and having an uninterrupted workout experience is everything for a trainee.

With over 50 compatible apps, including Strava, Fitbit & more, this wearable tech should be in everyone’s workout clothing.

Best Heart Rate Monitor for Zwift Buying guide

Keeping an eye on your health is never old-fashioned. Not at least when you have advanced technology around you. Any such gadget can make your workout obsession fun or boring depending on the features it comes with.

Wear type:

Usually, there are 2 to 3 types of wearables. You can either adjust the strap on your chest, arm or wrist. The chest straps have a more adjustable ability. The size of these straps can range from 20 to 45 inches. On the contrary, arm length includes 25 to 95cm adjustment. Flex your muscles with style and accuracy.


and apps. Synchronizes data

Having compatibility with apps and devices broadens the horizons of these smart machines. You can select your device such as GPS watches, smartphones, tablets, etc., that must have the latest connection support.

There are more than 50 apps that you can pair your heart rate monitor with, including MyrunPal, Fitbit, FitPro, Zwift, etc. after connection, you can keep the data in the app or synchronize it with your phone’s memory.


Having a strong battery is everything when you want to stay fit. The working capacity of such devices is 12 months. The least you can get from them is 25 plus hours of operation. 

Connection technology:

Usually, you get Bluetooth and ANT+ technology that makes pairing easier. You can download or synchronize your data in seconds.

Weight and material:

Wearing a heart rate monitor during intense exercising is important, but the weight should be a minimum. Moreover, the material should also be soft and adjustable.

Tracking ability:

Notifications, GPS, pedometer, calories, 

You can answer your calls, texts, or respond to other notifications. A heart rate monitor is an all rounder technology that can track your GPS location and count your steps. Other than calories burned during a session will also be helpful to fulfill your fitness goals.

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