Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3070 Ti (Gaming, Cool Master, NZXT, be quiet)

If you’re looking for awesome CPU coolers for RTX 3070 Ti, then we’ve got some suggestions. We have both air and liquid models with different features that might meet your needs best. 

One of the most significant decisions when assembling your PC is to select a perfect CPU cooler. Especially if you plan on overclocking or playing games for a sustained period of time. It is better to choose the best CPU cooler for rtx 3070 ti. When NVIDIA has launched RTX 3070 Ti Graphics Card, everyone is running to upgrade their gaming rigs. 

A CPU cooler is one of the main components when it comes to an upgrade. These CPU coolers help eliminate all the excess heat out of the PC case when playing hardcore games. Due to these heavy games, systems might start overclocking, which produces overheating. 

The best CPU cooler for your RTX 3070 Ti depends on the form factor (air, closed-loop / all in one, or custom open loop) and the number of heat pipes. 

Keep in mind that not only does a heatsink need to be compatible with your card’s size but also with its type. For example, air coolers are great options when you want fewer features than an AIO. We believe this guide will help you to select a better option. We tried our best to provide you with the best suggestions. 

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List Of Top Rated Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3070 Ti

  1. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler
  2. NZXT Kraken X63 280mm – RL-KRX63-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
  3. Noctua NH-L9a-AM4, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler
  4. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler
  5. be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler
  6. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 CPU Air Cooler
  7. Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

1- Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

We all know the time has arrived when everyone has to upgrade their gaming rigs. As NVIDIA has announced the invention of the graphics card for RTX 3070 Ti, everyone is searching for the desired other components for this graphics card compatibility. 

Cooler Master is known as the best for providing durable and reliable cooling fans. A CPU cooler is an essential component of any computer as it eliminates all the excess heat in order to prevent all parts. 

As a result of the low profile dual chamber design, ML240R ARGB is capable of fitting in most cases for an excellent level of performance and customization while maintaining the silence expected from our 240mm product line. 

With Cooler Master’s ML240R, fighting heat is as easy as counting 123. The 240-millimeter radiator and 66.7 CFM pump are designed to get your CPU temperature crystal cold in record time. 

Especially with the 2 addressable RGB fans and dual-chambered water block-and-color controlled through a wired RGB controller for non-RGB motherboards. 

This CPU cooler is compatible with all the latest Intel and AMD sockets. The dimensions of the product are 10.9 x 4.71 x 1.06 inches, and it weighs around 2.68 pounds. 

The radiator boosts 66.7 CFM airflow while making only 30-decibel noise. This CPU cooler is a perfect choice for intense console gaming or heavy work sessions on the laptop, and for i5-11600K intel latest processor.

2- NZXT Kraken X63 280mm – RL-KRX63-01 – AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

NZXT Kraken X63 280mm - RL-KRX63-01 - AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler

If you’re looking for RGBs that increase in brightness as game time goes on, action gradually intensifies. Also, to maintain a cool gaming attitude all day long with no rest needed, the Kraken X 63 is perfect. 

The Kraken X63 is NZXT’s latest 280mm-based AIO cooler with enhanced lighting and performance. Featuring the introduction of a re-designed cap and larger infinity mirror ring LED for better illumination.

A 10 percent bigger cooling head surface area allows more vivid RGB color options, integrated CAM support, and improved pump/block tolerances through reduced gaps. 

This CPU cooler has universal motherboard compatibility via a revised backplate. It’s almost as good as building your rig again or just upgrading your gaming system. 

Light the way to your cooling solution with NZXT’s Kraken X63 280mm All-in-One RGB CPU cooler. Featuring Aer P radiator fans for silent operations and enhanced performance, this liquid cooler is sure to outperform all competitors. 

Whether you’re updating old or adding a new desktop, it will be easier than ever before. Thanks to fully sleeved cooled tubing that helps protect against any cuts from mishandling during installation. 

As an added bonus, this water block is compatible with Intel sockets LGA 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, as well as AMD sockets AM4 and TR4. 

Now it’s time to get worry-free with Kraken X63 when you overclock with your RTX 3070 Ti video card. The dimensions of the product are 13.8 x 8.3 x 6.3 inches, and it weighs around 4.35 pounds.

3- Noctua NH-L9a-AM4, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9a-AM4, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler

For those who need a budget PC build but want to enjoy top of the line performance without worrying about the extremely high cost of a CPU cooler, Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 is the answer. With 37mm total height and full compatibility with small form factor PCs. 

This unit provides exceptional cooling that’s also quiet, perfect for HTPC or home theater PC builds. Besides being durable and highly reliable because of Noctua quality assurance, it includes an award-winning thermal compound and SecuFirm2 mounting system that ensures easy installation. 

Finally, we believe that good design/good function can only represent high performance when enduring cool thermals all day long. Without any doubt, this device will work perfectly for your new RTX 3070 Ti graphics card when playing premium games. 

The Noctua NH-L9a AM4 is the latest, high-performance CPU cooler for AMD Ryzen based systems. It’s perfect for extremely slim cases and provides 100 percent RAM and PCIe compatibility due to its small footprint. 

That even allows easy access near socket connectors on tightly packed mini ITX motherboard for rtx 3070 ti. This fan uses a proprietary frame design known for its high performance, and it has been widely recognized as one of the best fans in 2018. 

It features sophisticated aerodynamic measures and supports PWM to keep your computer cool even when you’re not running at full power. This CPU cooler also comes with a low noise adaptor to reduce the noise level. The dimensions of the product are 3.62 x 4.49 x 1.46 inches, and it weighs around 1.03 pounds.

4- Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition CPU Air Cooler

Need the best CPU cooler that won’t melt below 61.8 degrees celsius? Cooler Master’s Hyper 212 Black Edition is a great choice for you. With it, your RTX 3070 Ti graphics card will never overheat, thanks to our exclusive direct contact heat pipes that are designed to optimize heat dissipation. 

You’ll have peace of mind with this product because we’ve also built in a Smart Fan sensor for jam protection. It protects your components and cables from being snagged or damaged. 

With this CPU cooler, care for all of your components without forgetting the aesthetics. This CPU cooler looks pretty adorable as it shows different color tones through the transparent case. 

The modern look of this cooler shines when using our Cloud Sync app, which offers features like customizable colors and effects with just the touch of a button via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. 

Smart fan sensors work as anti-jam protection for cables, so you never need to worry about snags again. This CPU cooler is pretty simple to install and is compatible with all LGA sockets and AMD sockets. 

It has a precise airflow with a stacked fin array to ensure airflow resistance. The dimensions of the product are 6.29 x 3.93 x 9.09 inches, and it weighs around 2.06 pounds.

5- be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler

be quiet! Dark Rock 4, BK021, 200W TDP, CPU Cooler

The problem with your CPU is that it’s not being cooled properly, which will only worsen over time. The problem is that you have to worry about the CPU and the other components as well. This CPU Cooler is a powerful tool to use for your gaming GPU. 

Be quiet! Dark Rock 4 supports an additional 120mm fan, and the clips are included. Getting the best performance out of your best gaming PC is key, so you want to ensure that every component does its job. 

Mount this ferocious beast with a WOW-rating of 200W TDP and just watch how it whips up everything around itself. Dark Rock 4 will help you in all your hardcore needs for overclocking. People want silence, but they also want performance. 

Dark Rock 4 provides the best CPU Cooler for RTX 3070 Ti with high FPS and silent operation to make sure everyone is happy. The Dark Rock 4 is the best CPU cooler for RTX 3070 Ti on the market. 

Its 6mm copper heat pipes reflect insulating qualities, and its patented airflow-optimized cooling fins with tiny dots increase air circulation applied to your card. Its delicate yet durable black coating made of ceramic particles transfers heat perfectly. 

It also comes with a pre-installed single 120 mm fan or another one if you need better cooling. Last but not least, this sleek tower design is an aesthetic masterpiece that will add beauty to any setup while providing excellent energy dissipation in small spaces without getting clunky. The dimensions of the product are 3.7 x 5.35 x 6.28 inches, and it weighs around 2.02 pounds.

6- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 CPU Air Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 CPU Air Cooler

Let’s talk about the absolute best choice for your RTX 3070 Ti. Hyper 212 EVO V2 by Cooler Master retains its place as the best CPU cooler for RTX 3070 ti. 

With a new fan blade design and optimized airflow, this little guy will keep your pc running cool and sounding smooth, no matter what you’re eyeing to do. Maintain system stability with low-noise cooling. 

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 CPU air cooler has four pipes for optimum heat dissipation and optimized airflow. This CPU cooler is compatible with most processors, including AMD and Intel sockets. 

This design allows it to provide exceptional heat when you’re running high-intensity games. If you have a tight space but still want better than average performance for your PC build. 

The Hyper 212 EVO V2 is by far the best CPU air cooler on the market for your games. It comes with a sickle fan that provides both airflow and static pressure to keep it cool and quiet, plus an asymmetrical 4 heat pipe design ensures 100% RAM interface clearance. 

Whether you’re gaming or streaming, this Cooler Master will give you unbeatable performance and all-around stability. The dimensions of the product are 4.72 x 3.15 x 6.1 inches, and it weighs around 1.67 pounds.

7- Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU Cooler

Developed with the same legendary efficiency and performance as its predecessor, Noctua’s NH-D15 is a powerful dual tower CPU cooler designed for highly demanding situations. 

It features an expanded heat pipe layout that ensures maximum contact surface area to quickly wick away heat from your processor. Getting your hands on the best CPU cooler is essential. One of Noctua’s most renowned creations, the NH-D15 is a powerful CPU cooler with six heat pipes and 2 fans to cool your computer. 

With an optimized dual-fan design that includes PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptors for automatic speed control. These items are well adjusted to handle any situation you may come across during overclocking sessions or when operating at near-silent levels on the system. 

The NH-D15 flows more efficiently than 12 cm models while providing better noise insulation due to increased spacing between each individual heat pipe compared to regular design coolers. 

Bring home Noctua’s brand new NH-D15 Premium cooling fan for CPUs compatible with RTX 3070 Ti, which comes with 2 NF-A15 140mm fans, NT-H1 thermal paste, and SecuFirm2 mounting system. 

This CPU cooler is compatible with all the latest Intel and AMD sockets. With a warranty of six years, this CPU cooler by Noctua will provide peace of mind. The dimensions of the product are 5.91 x 6.34 x 6.5 inches, and it weighs around 2.86 pounds.

Best CPU Cooler for RTX 3070 Ti  Buying Guide:

Whether you’re a first-time builder or upgrading your existing PC, be sure to allocate some of your budgets to get the best CPU cooler. Your internals will thank you, or it can go even worse if they get too hot. When it appears to buy the best CPU cooler, you need to think about a few different things. Like you have to select a budget that won’t break your pockets. The cooling system inside any computer is just as important as other parts like video cards, and RAM so doesn’t forget these. 

Here are some of the noteworthy aspects you need to consider:

PC Coolers:

A CPU cooler is a device that helps cool the processor by rapidly transferring heat from it to the outside. There are numerous different types of CPU coolers. Still, they all perform this function in one way or another and have varying levels of effectiveness depending on how well constructed they are. The fans inside your case can be loud. If you don’t want them disrupting others around you, choose an option with less noise output for optimal cooling without annoying those nearby. There are two kinds of CPU coolers: Air cooler and Liquid cooler. Both have their own pros and cons. 

Heat pipes or Heat sink:

A heat sink is usually made of metal or aluminum, designed to absorb and disperse the heat from an object such as a CPU. The construction and number of pipes that make up this part determine how effectively it will dissipate the energy through either copper fins, in order to cool off by radiating outwards with fans for air circulation, while also converting into a vapor after cooling before changing back into liquid form when they come across cold surfaces like water. 

Noise Level:

Who likes the irritating noise of fans while intensely playing your favorite game? No one RIGHT. When there are more fans, the noise definitely becomes high if the processor starts overclocking to cool down. But it is better to get a CPU cooler that produces less noise while even overclocking. 


Most of the coolers these days have RGB LED light features in them. But it is better to select a CPU cooler that comes with remote control when you want to turn it off you can. As there is no direct effect of this feature over performance. 

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