Top 6 Best Cooling Fan For Ps5

Being a gaming enthusiast, you must need the best cooling fans for PS5. With the release of PS5, the gaming community is freaking out. Longer periods of gaming involve the damage of hardware. It is one of the most heartbreaking news for a player but no worries!

This cooling fan category will help you prolong the life of your console. There is the inclusion of dual or triple fans. Some may be bigger, running at the average speed of 4000 RPM. Their mute operation allows you to concentrate on defeating your enemy.

An easy setup is necessary for the users to not worry about the adjustment. For the game to begin, install the cooler and turn on the switch on the device’s chassis. For ensuring you did the right steps, see for a blue indicator light. This way, you can enjoy an endless gaming session by plug and play.

Compatible with PS5 digital and Ultra HD edition, get your console ready for optimal action. You can control the fan by automatic or manually turning off the cooling system. The sleek and compact design allows for an easy fitting. Moreover, you also get additional 3 USB ports for the USB 3.0 version.

Some brands decided to take it to the next level by adding 14 game slots. To help in organizing your accessories, this storage compartment is retractable. On the other hand, dual charging slots are also present for wireless controller charging.

List Of Top Rated Best Cooling Fan For Ps5

  1. Pandaren ps5009 Cooling Fan for Sony Playstation
  2. FUEHVTY Console Cooling 3 Cooler Fans For Sony Playstation 5
  3. Linkstyle PS5 Cooling Fan External USB Cooler
  4. OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan, Playstation 5 Cooler
  5. GOTRUTH Cooling Fan for PS5, USB External Cooler
  6. YUANHOT Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 Console

1- Pandaren ps5009 Cooling Fan for Sony Playstation

Pandaren ps5009 Cooling Fan for Sony Playstation

Sony is finally releasing the PS5, but there’s one thing that will make it even better. Pandaren Cooling Fan gives off an incredible amount of airflow to cool down your system. You can play more games without worrying about overheating or burning out any parts.

The Pandaren Cooling Fan for Sony Playstation 5 keeps your console working reliably. An optimal function ultimately results in longer life of the console. This fan has 3 ultra fast speeds that are perfect for cooling down your console. As fast as possible and constant gentle air flow is a must.

An easy installation is a plus point of this fan in plug and play type connection. The possibility of controlling the unit by turning it on or off any time you want is very thoughtful.

Power the unit by plugging this device into the back of your console with a USB cable. By using just 1A at 5V, thanks to its small size design. This fan is compatible with PS5 digital and ultra HD edition with an easily fitting ideal size. You will be able to enjoy more games on your PS5 as it will last longer than usual.

With the addition of this cooling system, the console cools down up to 20 degrees. Containing 3 powerful fans running at 4000 RPM speed is truly incredible. This compact device passively cools down your console when activated. To make it a more efficient machine, it produces less heat while running.

Furthermore, it has no cable support, so you have complete control over the attachment without any obstruction. PANDAREN is a professional cooling fan for PlayStation 5. It is specially designed in its vertical position for easy fitting. The 3 high speed fans produce minimum noise.

2- FUEHVTY Console Cooling 3 Cooler Fans For Sony Playstation 5

FUEHVTY Console Cooling 3 Cooler Fans For Sony Playstation 5

Every console gamer has experienced the dreaded “blue screen of death.” That is a result of playing for too long on a hot day.  The heat from your hands and legs can cause the console to overheat. Installing a cooling system in your console ceases it to crash. It is best to increase your console’s lifespan.

To prevent your consoles from overheating and shutting down, installing a cooling system will help. The absence of it can cause data loss or even permanent physical damage to the hardware. Console Cooling 3 is a cooling stand for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and other game consoles.

It has 3 fans to disperse heat evenly and quickly dissipate it. This prevents malfunction lags and greatly improves console life. The stand design is powerful yet light and compact. It mounts seamlessly right in the back and consists of a Stylish appearance.

There is no need for taking up additional outlet space as it allows you to utilize power from PS5 USB ports. To run the fan, first, turn on the switch after installing.  A blue indicator will light up, showing the successful starting of the system. Console Cooling 3 is one of the best cooling products in the market.

It consists of the fans running at a speed of 4000 RPM. An exclusive design is to attach to PlayStation 5 consoles. The importance of cooling them is necessary for them not to stop working. Featuring 3 in one device fans, use highly effective material for greatly reducing temperature.

3- Linkstyle PS5 Cooling Fan External USB Cooler

Linkstyle PS5 Cooling Fan External USB Cooler

The Linkstyle PS5 cooling fan is the latest in computer technology. With superior performance, it has a very affordable price. To help your system running at its best, this cooling fan comes in handy. 

The LinkStyle PS5 Cooling Fan is a small, portable fan designed for convenience. This device is perfect for those who are on the go or need a quick cool down during the summer months.  It has 3 speeds and can be powered by a battery for up to 8 to12 hours. An  AC power adapter with a USB cable helps attach it.

The Linkstyle PS5 features a smart sleep mode that automatically switches off after 10 minutes. To conserve energy and make it an environmentally friendly option. With this device, you can enjoy playing without worrying about overheating. The 3 fans will help move heat out quickly to prolong your game time.

Extend the life of your console and gaming through high efficient temperature control. With features of a USB port, charging or connecting more devices is easy. Other devices like controllers, keyboards, phones, tablets will get to join the party.

Linkstyle PS5 Cooling Fan is designed for PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Ultra HD. By preventing it from being overheated, it saves the system. To maintain temperature, keep it cool in heavy-duty games. No noise is produced during its working time for you to enjoy the game without any worries. This device is silent, sleek, and seamlessly fits the console.

4- OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan, Playstation 5 Cooler

OLYGIVE PS5 Cooling Fan, Playstation 5 Cooler

Olygive presents a perfect gift for your loved ones who are into gaming. For PS5, a cooling fan is introduced in the market that is incredible. To help you cool down your console after a long session of gaming is a must these days. Increase the life of your system by adding this fan to your wishlist.

There is no doubt about the overheating of hardware after a long time of usage. This problem can cause further issues or damage the system. You are in luck as Olygive steps into the market with its products. This cooling system can help you cool down your console.

To make the gaming system ready for action, you can play games for as long as you desire. The silent operation of the fan is something worth noticing. No disturbance will be created to distract you from taking down your enemies. To smash that ace or knock the opponent to the ground, your console needs to be in perfect shape.

This cooling fan’s slim and compact design helps in fitting tight spaces. While the fan is easy to set up, you only need to plug it in and turn on the switch. A blue indicator will turn on to show that the fan is working. After all the steps are done, you are ready to celebrate your triumph already.

This system is designed to extend your console’s life to a great extent. There is a USB 3.0 interface at the front for letting you attach or charge other devices. To quickly cool down the system, 3 fans are present inside the cooler’s body. These bad boys run at their maximum speed and are efficient in their work.

5- GOTRUTH Cooling Fan for PS5, USB External Cooler

GOTRUTH Cooling Fan for PS5, USB External Cooler

This is an era of advanced technology, and WDS is not leaving its position behind. Introducing a cooling fan for the PS5 has given serious competition to other competitors. There are more options on this device than you usually find in the devices alike. The design of this device consists of 3 cooling fans, 1 USB port, and 1 switch.

The first thing users look for is the easy setup of the device. It sets the tone for the future as to where you need to focus more. To look like an original of the PS5 console, the brand has focused much on the design. Its tool free quick installation has won the hearts of many users.

This fan not only cools down your system but also ensures the system is dustless. Your console will adjust to the weather for working in all weather conditions. No matter how hot or cold the environment is, you can always enjoy your gaming. With an easy to use the facility, no extra power supply is needed.

To keep your hardware safe and secure, no extra heat will ever destroy it with these fans. The silent operation is not to disturb your concentration and disrupt your gaming skills. Its slim and compact body makes it easy to fit into the PlayStation.  The brand issues the quality of the product with its highly efficient performance.

6- YUANHOT Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 Console

YUANHOT Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5 Console

A vertical stand for PS5 has entered the market and set the bar high for the opponent brands. This incredible beauty is introduced by Yuanhot, who is changing the pace of the game world. With mind blowing features and efficiency, every gamer wants to get their hands on it.

The importance of a cooling fan is as much as food to humans. These devices offer more to the table than traditional fan systems. If you are looking for charging cables for your controllers, you are in luck. This vertical stand offers 2 charging slots for wireless controllers.

By adding the slots, this device also becomes 2 in 1 as it serves you with cooling. There are 14 game slots for the love of gaming to stock and organize. You will never lose any of your favorite collections of games with this product. This beauty has a storage bracket to keep your accessories organized and safe in one place.

Other than the retractable storage, it consists of 3 additional USB ports for powerful output.  With this feature, more data is transferred speedily and charging your peripherals. This item is ready for action for versatile functioning all in one device. When it comes to cooling, a unique design and style are seen.

Yuanhot has inspired the bottom dissipation plate with dual fans. More heat has vanished from the system for a bigger fan design in no time. Luckily, there is zero to less noise during its operation. To get all the fun started, just turn on the switch as the light indicator lights up.

Best Cooling Fan For Ps5  Buying Guide

Cooling fans are important for the life of your PS5. They prolong the period of the console for you to enjoy endless gaming. To protect your hardware and organize your system, you need to understand the features.


Some brands include dual, while others consist of 3 fans. These fans are the most important parts of the cooling system. To determine the temperature inside the console and to remove dust depends on this feature. The average speed of these fans ranges up to 4000 RPM.


No one likes to work or play in a noisy environment. Making sure your cooling fan is not loud will help you to focus. Such noise can also disrupt functioning at some point. If your cooler suddenly starts making unusual sounds, you need to check or replace it if necessary.


There is an on and off switch on the chassis of these devices. An easy setup is necessary for hassle free gaming. Just turn the switch on after installation to let the fun begin. Notice the blue or red indicator light to ensure the turning on of the device.


Mostly 3 to 4 USB ports and a minimum 1 USB 3.0 port are available in the design. It is important as this feature helps in charging or connecting other devices on the go.


An additional compartment to store your games is no less than a blessing. To help you organize and unify your accessories does not hurt anyone. Some brands include dual controllers or 14 retractable storage.

Charging slots:

Another noteworthy feature is the controller charging slots. If you have been looking for one, the above mentioned category has it all. This feature consists of slots to let your wireless controllers charge without worry.

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