ASUS VG248QE Monitor Review

For an individual who belongs to a gaming community definitely knows the worth of a gaming monitor. For surely, without any doubt gaming monitors give best resolution, less eye strain, increased colors and gives better response in short time than TV’s. 

There are two type of gamers one who play on their personal computers and one who play with consoles on their play stations. Definitely, buying an expensive good quality gaming monitor is for surely an investment in your gaming future.

Remember it’s always worthy to spend on best gaming monitors, as you know those fancy and expensive RTX 3080 Ti graphic cards won’t work well if you still have those mediocre monitors on your table.  

ASUS VG248QE Monitor

You can ask to any diehard gaming fan that what matters the most in gaming, he will answer without wasting a second “The Monitor”, as if you have the new RTX 3080 Ti CPU Cooler system or you spend quite good on the other hardware systems but if your monitor is not is not up to the action along with others than there is no way to get a smooth run on your screen with too many tabs. 

Asus VG248QE is a simple designed monitor without any fancy detailing, it has good control over motion and has excellent brightness as it won’t look dim even in well lighted rooms. For gaming undoubtedly, it’s a best monitor as it comes up with high refresh rate and produces low input lag.

As being a gaming monitor it doesn’t go well for watching movies or videos on it. Anyhow, its low picture quality and due to have a narrow viewing angle makes it less suitable for office use.


  • Screen Size: 24 inches
  • Panel Type: AU Optronics Twisted Nematic TN LCD
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Maximum Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Color Support: 16.7 million; 6-bits per subpixel plus dithering
  • Response: 1ms
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Item Weight: 5.5kg 
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1, 80m:1 (dynamic)
  • Viewing Angle: 170° horizontal, 160° vertical 
  • Power Consumption: 22W typical
  • Back Light: White Light Emitting Diode

ASUS VG248QE Features

There are three standard panels in the market; i.e., TN (twisted nematic), VA (vertical alignment) and IPS (in-plane switching). This model of monitor by ASUS come with TN panel, alongside with 1920X1080 Full High-Definition resolution and a standard 16:9 ratio. 

ASUS VG248QE has a matte finish as it absorbs light instead of reflecting it, which is quite helpful if you are sitting under the light or some bright environment. If you are wondering what are the selling points for this monitor then these are two.

Refresh rate and response time, are definitely its noteworthy features which makes its position strong in market. Its refresh rate is 144Hz and response time is 1ms, as these two features are quite important for gamers.

VG248QE comes up with built-in Display port, HDMI-cable and dual link DVI hookups. As you can only take the profit from 144Hz refresh rate only and if you are using a Display Port or a DVI connection. As it comes with Dual link connection, which can be a great news for gamers.

TN can be known best for their refresh rate but as everything has their own pros and cons, the negative about TN is that it has worse color reproduction than other two. 

ASUS VG248QE Performance

Performance of ASUS VG248QE is a dream monitor for gamers, as if you are upgrading from a 60Hz monitor to a 144Hz monitor you will instantly notice the difference that how tear free, lag free or motion free and lack every other issue you might playing game on an ordinary monitor such as low refresh rate or slow than ever response time. 

As you know, ASUS monitor has the TN feature which is not much appreciated as it doesn’t have the best image quality. That’s integral for you to check out the defaults or other settings to readjust the image quality, after doing some changes you will be much happier with it. 

Anyhow, the viewing angles and colors on this TN monitor is quite better than other TN monitors as they have the most horrible problems. If you put an IPS panel monitor with the same price range of this TN panel monitor by ASUS, side by side you will not find much difference surprisingly. 


Depends upon you that how you play your games; with consoles or on your PC. As this computer is best for gamers but not for console players, as these consoles doesn’t take much advantage of 144Hz refresh rate.

ASUS VG248QE definitely be the best monitor to jump on for 144hz gaming but if your other system is not up to the action than surely you can not take advantage of this 144hz refresh rate.

Few years back when VG248QE hit the market through its invention, it falls in the category of “TRUE” 100hz+ gaming monitors. Some people may get bothered by its quality or price but most of the people find it worthy.  

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